Lego Island 2 PC Cheats

Rating 5

Walk on water

Go to the Information Center and slowly walk towards the ocean (not the river) until Pepper starts skidding. He will stop while standing on the water. Use the arrow keys to walk  on the water.

Rating 3

See underground

Go to the town where you start and walk under the bridge up into the top until you cannot move any more. Jump to appear swimming underground. Watch out for the ledges because they make you come back up.

Rating 3

Help when lost hint

When lost in the desert or you simply do not know where to go, hold LEFT SHIFT + 2 then release the keys and the master will point where to go.

Rating 3

Butterfuly hint

Repeatedly press TALK near a field of butterflies to have one follow you around the island.

Rating 1

Floating board

Get on your board and go up to a car, then get off your board and press LEFT CTRL. You will be in the car and can see your board in the air.

Rating 0

Grinding hint

Go up to Space Mountain and press LEFT CTRL to get on your skateboard. Then, while on the skateboard, ride off the side of the mountain at the space port (not the rocket ship, but where the building is located). When you reach a brown piece of land, turn left and go upwards to the side of the railroad tracks. If you are positioned correctly, you will grind the tracks.

Rating 0

Lego game developers

After you complete the game, go to the rocket ship and run around to find a hole nearby. After you find it, type "sdreams" to make a portal appear at the hole. Go in to find the game's developers as Lego people. Speak to them to find out some interesting things.

Rating 0

Infinite health glitch

On space mountain, jump off the highest point to end up on the train tracks. When the station master picks you up, hold SPACE until he puts you down. You will now have infinite health.

Rating 0

Make bunnies flip

Find the bunnies in your home land and press LEFT SHIFT to make them flip.