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Lego Star Wars Cheats "Minikits" (PC)


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After getting all ten Minikits in a level, you will get 50,000 studs. Some are found in the following locations:

Negotiations on Episode 1Behind force fields on spaceship, use R2 to unlock the door into the room with the force fields and a Minikit piece on the spaceship. Use the Force to stack up the boxes. Have Anakin or Palpatine jump through the vent. You will come up at the top on the left. Press the button at the top to disable the force fields, then use Jar Jar Binks to jump up the other side to collect the Minikit.

Discovery On Kamino on Episode 2:-Behind the Star Fighter. You need a high jumper.
-In front of Star Fighter. Use R5 to hover over.
-Hallway after you see Clones. Activate all switches.
-Different hallway. Use C3PO to activate the panel. Get to the buttons, blast the target, then go into holes.
-The same room on the far right.
-Jango Fett's room. Finish the Jango Fett Poster.
-The room Jango Fett goes into. Step on the right switches.
-Mine bridge. Grapple and use C3PO to activate the panel. Hit all targets.
-Hallway after the bridge: Use Dark Force on the table. Use Dark Force in the room.

Ruin Of The Jedi on Episode 3Behind the shield. As Obi Wan get all of the switches on the right, get on the "lift", then jump over.

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