Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love For Sail PC Cheats

Rating 5

Reveal Drew

-At the swimming pools, go to Drew. Click on the leaf blocking her chest, select "Other" and type push.

-Use the Orgasmic Powder on Drew's drink, then click on the drink, select "Other", and type drink. When she gets up to go to your room, Larry will not block your view.

-After the Juggs' concert, return to the lounge, click on the mixer, select "Other", and type feel. You will get a set of earplugs. The next time you talk to Drew about "Fokker or My Place?" you will not hear her ask you to look her in the eyes.

Rating 3

Getting Drew out of the shower

Take the fire hose from the promenade deck and return to your cabin, then remove the spray can from the toilet pipe. Attach the fire hose to the red water pipe and the toilet, then flush the toilet. She will be out of there in no time.

Rating 1

Psychedelic mode

Press CTRL + P two times during game play. Alternately, press CTRL + P after winning Strip Lair's Poker.

Rating 1

Extra casino money

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. With a text editor, edit the "lcasino.ini" file in the game directory. Change the "Cash=4997" to "Cash=100000000".

Rating 1

Winning the craps contest

If you are unable to get close enough to the craps table, eat the bean dip in the restaurant. Return to the casino and stand near the dapper men playing craps. Click on Larry, select "Fart" and watch the room clear. You can now reach the table, but you will never win with those dice that the croupier gives you. Use your shaved dice on the craps table to win. If you do not have shaved dice, return to your cabin and pick up the industrial-grade toilet paper. Then, take the dice from the foot of Venus in the sculpture garden. In your inventory, use the toilet paper on the dice. Now they cannot lose.

Rating 0

Reveal Victorian/Vicki

After changing Victorian to Vicki, hold CTRL and click the left man on her computer screen. When you talk to her about the weather you will see significantly more skin than usual.

Rating 0

Strip Lair's Dice cheat

Press CTRL + C to reveal Dewmi's dice.

Rating 0

Hidden scenes

-There is a beaver statue in the library. Click on it and go to other. Type in milk to reveal the Juggs when you go in their dressing room.

-Before giving Annette the insurance policy, click on the crotch of the third statue on the left side of the hallway outside the Boning cabin. Select "Other" and type unzip. When you ring Annette's doorbell to give her the policy, you will see what she is doing with all that money she just inherited.

-Once you enter the ballroom, click on Larry, select "Other", and type dream. You will immediately see what Larry is dreaming about Jamie.