Lionheart: Legacy Of The Crusader PC Cheats

Rating 10

All equipment

Save a game with the name "all armor" to appear with all equipment.

Rating 8

Special crypt weapon

While in the crypts, kill the second guardian. You will find a special weapon for the creatures in the crypts.

Rating 3

Faster attacks hint

Put a weapon in the first slot of your items,  above your health. While attacking, click on a nearby target. When you swing all the way through(just after you do damage), press 1 and quickly click your target again, then repeat the steps. This gets rid of the cooldown timer after a swing or shot. By doing this, you can attack up to four times faster than normal.

Rating 3

Random shop items

Items available at merchants will get replaced from time to time. Find a vendor and equip all your equipment for raising your barter skill, then press F9 to quick save the game. If you do not see any desirable items, press F11 to quick load the game. The shop will open again with completely different items. This is recommended when shopping for specific potions or scrolls. Save the game if your choices are not that bad in case you do not have better luck with further reloading.

Rating 1

Super character

Defeat Relican to join the Wielders Faction. An intermission sequence to start the next part of the journey to protect the ancient relics guarded by the Knights Templar will play. After the sequence ends, the game will place you near a Way Crystal, which takes you to the La Perida's Keeper Of Ways. Talk to the keeper and he will say his normal dialogue. Speak to him again, and a strange character changing screen will appear, where you can basically make your character super human, beyond the capabilities of even playing the game with it. The stats you can give them will basically allow you to give your character perfect stats, and give you the top level possible.

Rating 1

Eduardo's sword quest

To get Eduardo's sword back, the first time you enter the sewers you have to choose a side; beggars, or thieves. Alternately, if your Speech skill is high enough you can talk your way into neutrality. Coming in the sewer through the temple entrance is easier for this quest. Enter the sewers, pick a side, or remain neutral. Proceed to the east, where you will find a broken wall littered with corpses of wererats and thieves. Enter the area and go as far south as possible. Note: This is done easier if neutral or on the beggar side. Head to the left until you find a wooden bridge. Cross the bridge and immediately to the right. You will find the beggar who stole the sword. Kill or haggle with him to purchase it for 300 or 100 gold. If you are eradicating all the wererats as a quest, or kill Garcia for the thieves, he is to the southwest of the wooden bridge. Hug the walls to find him.

Rating 0

Change treasure

Press F9 to quick save the game when you find a chest, then lock pick or open the chest. Reload the game if you do not get a desired item. Open the chest again and the item will be something else. Repeat this until you find the desired item.

Rating 0

Cheat mode

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. Right click the "data.dat" file in the game folder. Select the "Add to archive" option. When done, right click "data.dat" and select "View". Extract the files to "C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Lionheart Demo\data" or the directory the game was installed to. It should result in the files "data.zip", "data.dat", "Lionheart.exe", "Savegames", and more. You can now modify the various values with a text editor.