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Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle-Earth 2 Cheats "Reveal entire map permanently on Dol Guldur" (PC)


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Reveal entire map permanently on Dol Guldur

First, you must have played the map in Skirmish mode to get the hang of it. Play it at least three times and memorize the locations. When you start the level in the Good campaign, you must have the Tom Bombadil power and Elrond's Farsight power. Use Elrond's power and eyeball the Dark Shroud to find the center section of Dol Guldur (the part with the fortress in it). Note: You can see the texture of the terrain as you move the the Farsight power's pointer. Once you have successfully revealed the fortress area, summon Tom Bombadil just in front of the fortress. Once he is in, the shroud should disappear permanently with no fog of war. You can see exactly what the enemy is doing at the moment. You can use Bombard, Flood, Earthquake, or Sunlight, to attack enemy units and buildings, and when they are weakened, launch the assault with your army.

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