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Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle-Earth 2 Cheats "The Shire" (PC)


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The Shire

On the third level of the Evil campaign is a mission where you must capture the Shire. This mission is very easy up to a point. Play the mission until you must build a base in the Eastfarthing, then build a base with two of each building (including Fortresses). Also, build at least ten Sentry Towers. Upgrade your Fortress to the maximum and build all your Fortress expansions as Mountain Giants. Stay in your base and repel all Dunedain attacks until you have killed all them all. You will be notified when all Dunedain have perished. When you reach the part where you must destroy the three remaining Seats of Power, only send one Goblin horde to destroy them, as there is literally no resistance with the Dunedain defeated. Do not destroy the Seat of Power in the bottom-left corner of the mini-map. At this point, build a large army with at least 750 command points available. Purchase all available upgrades for your Goblins. Send all your units to the large, grassy field at the bottom-left corner of the mini-map, just south of the last remaining Seat of Power. Destroy the final remaining Seat of Power with as little units as possible, then retreat a short distance to the north. You must do this because a volley of arrows will kill many goblins if you remain in that grassy field. After a couple seconds, immediately return to the grassy field and a large army from Isengard will emerge, led by Grima Wormtoungue. Fight this army until only two Goblin hordes remain in your forces. Send these troops to your base, and build as many Goblin hordes as quickly as possible. In a very short time the army will attack your base. Do not try to defend any other buildings besides one Goblin cave and your Fortress. Uruk-Hai will lay waste to your forces in a short time, but your fully upgraded fortress should hold them back while you construct more Goblin hordes. After some relentless Uruk-Hai attacks, the flow of enemies should stop. At this time, re-build your base and construct a large army. Lead this army into the Isengard base and kill Grima. This part of the level is very difficult, as the Ballista will quickly destroy your units. Destroying the Ballista first is recommended.

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