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Lord Of The Rings, The: War Of The Ring Cheats "Easy skirmish win" (PC)


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Easy skirmish win

-During skirmish mode, play The Mirkwood Pond map. Have yourself and your opponent on the good side. Have your opponent set to Farmer Maggot (easy). Once you begin, have two workers get food and the other get rock. Upgrade your stronghold to level 3. Get Frodo Baggins, and lots of Elven archers. Build the Elven archer and Ranger upgrade building. Upgrade attack and defense as high as possible. Then, upgrade the Elven Cloak. You elves will be invincible. Finally, destroy your enemy.

-Play a skirmish and make it Famine. Play as the good side, make your enemies Farmer Maggot, and be at Mirkwood Pond. Get your Stronghold to level 2. Build lots of towers, then build a Ranger Outpost only. Make rangers and put them in the towers. Get to Stronghold level 4 and make your towers Ballista. Build a Forge and make your towers Long Sighted. Then, make an army of Rangers. Do not make upgrades; just create lots of Rangers. Go to the enemy and wipe them out. Do not worry about your base, as it will be invincible.

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