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Madden NFL 2003 Cheats "Onside kick" (PC)


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Onside kick

  • First, turn off penalties. When you are about kick the ball when starting or after you scored, choose one of the onside kicks. When you go to kick, move it all the way over and down. For example, if your kicker is kicking off facing towards the left, move it all the way over towards the left and all the way down. You should get the ball every time.

  • Move the arrow all the way to the right and down. Try getting the meter as low as possible and you will regain the ball every time.

  • Select any of the onside kick formations during the kickoff. Move the arrow so that the tip of it touches the left hash mark two yards from the ball for a right legged kicker, or right hash mark two yards away for a left legged kicker. Kick the ball with half power (in between the red and yellow area) and perfect accuracy (in the yellow area). This works 80% of the time if done correctly.

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