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Madden NFL 2003 Cheats "Recommended defensive plays" (PC)


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Recommended defensive plays

  • The following plays are recommended against All-Madden difficulty level teams. Go to the 4-3 formation and scroll up until you see the "Sweet Blitz" play. It is a good play to use when the team runs or passes. To make it even better, have your lineman and linebackers shift so that they are are in other positions. The "Fireman" is also a good play, as well but not as great as "Sweet Blitz". You can also find it in the 4-3 formation. The best play for passing is "Robber". You can find it in Quarter. Its very good because you will get a lot of your secondary covering the receivers and is about 70% efficient when stopping passes.

  • While in the 4-3 defense, you can really break down the offensive line with the Mike blitz. Shift your defensive line to the strong side and slide your LBs outside to prevent sweeps, then stack your MLB behind the man in front of the center. When the ball is snapped, blitz to the opposite of the NGs slant. If done correctly, the weak side guard will pick up the DE instead of the MLB and the center will washout the NG, leaving a massive hole for you. It has a 85% success rate against the center run and a 65% rate against the pass. However, if the offense comes out in a twin TE set, the defense is useless and you will need to switch to whatever strategy you want to counter this set.

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