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Madden NFL 2005 Cheats "Easy yards" (PC)

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Easy yards

-Choose a team, then go to the options and choose NYG - Tom Coughlin's playbook. Make sure your running back has at least 92 speed. Go the "I twins" and choose the "Off Tackle" play. It works all the time. Make sure there is no CB on the empty side and do not run it on third and long. If the hole is stuffed, always run directly at the tightend then spin and run toward and up the sideline. If done correctly, the only person that can get you is the safety. Also you should at least get a first down (depending on the level of play), if not a 20 or more yard gain. You also can run it to the side of twins; just make sure that the LBs and the line is shifted all the way to the right. If not, keep audibling the original play. It does not do anything for you, but gets the defense to start shifting around. Keep doing it until all of the LBs and the line shift all the way to the right.

-For easy completions almost every time, use Lovie Smith's playbook. In that playbook, go to "Shotgun" then the "Trips" formation. In the formation, use virtually any play in it. You will get a 2 on 3 wide receiver mismatch. Be careful, as the CPU will learn how to move their players over there, and will eventually know your play if you run it too often.

-To get easy yards on the passing game, make sure you pick a team with a good receiving tight end and at least one fast receiver. Also, make sure you have the play "Posts" on the Singleback formation. This play is very effective against any defense, and especially on a third and long play. Once you snap the ball, wait until the tight end slants on the post route then throw him a bullet pass. Almost always he will complete the pass and get enough yards for the first down. Also, if you see that the receiver on the right has a lot of separation from the coverage, you can tap the button he is assigned to give him a long lob pass, that if completed could be good for about a forty-fifty yard completion, and he may also have enough separation to go for a touchdown. Most of the time though, just throw it to the tight end. It takes a very long time for the defenses to adjust, and you will be racking up points easily.

-Lead your receivers when you are the quarterback and throw into them. Avoid making errant throws that can be easy picks for defenders.

-Use your spin early when rushing to the left or right to ddoge defenders.

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