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Madden NFL 2005 Cheats "Getting good players" (PC)

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Getting good players

-In order to get a team that will last three to four years of dominance, you must start with a team with lots of long contracts in place (for example, the Lions). They have four or six, six and seven year contracts on the good rookies. Trade for other players with long contracts. The first person you need to trade is the tight end that makes $12 million a year. Kellen Winslow from the Browns makes a good replacement. Make sure to not build too good of a roster, as your players have personalities and will get upset if they do not start, get the ball, etc. However, a decent roll playing team with outstanding players at these positions will take it every time. QB, HB, WR, or a second WR will not hurt. With DE/DT OLB/MLB CB SS/FS, 80-85 on every other player is more than sufficient. Also, if you trade these players from the rosters before your franchise, you can then edit them to make them better. However, be careful not to go too high on all of them, as they will all want more money and cause serious backroom problems.

-To get high draft picks every year, each year after pre-season, simulate or play the games up until week 5. Check the standings to learn who has the worst record so far. Then, initiate a trade with the worst team. Offer the worst team your first round pick for their first and third round picks. They will usually accept. If they do not, find another team that is bad and offer the same deal to them. Once they accept, you can then usually offer both of your third round picks to another bad team for their first round pick. Then after the season is over, you will generally have two first round picks very high in the first round. You will be without a third round pick, but it is well worth it for the two first round picks.

-Using any roster, take the third string or very last player in your depth chart and edit the player. You can do anything you want with him and his salary will be the same, no matter how bad or good he is.

-If you find an excellent player as a free agent, you can sign him if you have a salary cap over $1 million. Just give the player seven years and your salary cap will get lower, but will not go under 0.

-First, do a Fantasy Draft with any team other than the Falcons. After finishing the training camp, preseason, and five weeks in the regular season, look at the standings in the NFC East. You should see that the Falcons are 1-4 or 0-5. Trade your first round pick for their first round pick. This almost always works. If not, trade with the next worst team.

-During franchise mode, make an offensive lineman that is 45 years old. Set his years in the league to 27. Put his stats all the way up, then sign him on free agency. Next, trade with any team and get any player or pick you desire. This works best with getting first round picks, but can also get a lot of good players. Because he is an offensive lineman, he will not have a huge impact on a team winning and will retire at the end of the season.

-During franchise mode, go to "My Team", then "Team Info". Scroll over to "Team Morale". Look under the other team's morale for unhappy players. Those player will be easy to trade for.

-Note: If you are starting a franchise with a created team, do not sign too many star players or else you will be over the cap limit, and your players will complain about playing time. To have a good team, sign a QB, halfback, and wide receiver all with ratings of 85 to 99. For defense, sign a good middle linebacker, a good safety (strong or free), and a good cornerback, also all 85 or above. This will leave your team with a good offense and defense, and it will keep them under the cap limit.

-If you want to create a quarterback with a 99 rating, but do not want to use all of your salary cap space, use the following trick. When you go to create your player, do not make his position QB. Instead, make him a kicker. Set his physical looks as usual. When adjusting his attributes, raise everything up to 99 except for his kick accuracy and kick power. Leave those two attributes at 50. His overall rating will still be 12. Once done, go into free agency and sign him. He will only want the league minimum. After that, go into your depth chart and start him as your QB. Since almost all his stats are 99, he will play better than any QB in the game, and you will not make a dent in your salary cap.

-Prior to starting franchise mode, go to rosters and make all the second and third string players at a 12 rating. Make all the first string players at or above 90. Turn injuries off. If you turn the injuries off you should never have to use your second or third string. Making their rating at 12 will let you sign players for very little money. You will probably lose all of the preseason games, but will dominate and win all season games.

-This trick allows you to make quite a bit of more salary cap room. You can easily get $8 to 10 million more. Before advancing to the Off-Season mode (any time during the season), go into "View Rosters". Sort the players by the number of years left on their contracts so that ones with the least years remaining are shown on top of the list. For anyone that you want to keep, re-sign them to a seven year contract and adjust the salary and signing bonus to get the most cap room from that player. Continue with all remaining players that you want to keep. You will get more cap room from players with the fewest years remaining on their contract. It does not work as well with if there are five to six years left. If you have players that can resist injury really well, there is not much need for good backups. You can sign lower quality backups to help clear up some cap room.

-Make an excellent quarterback. Make his speed and catching stats low. Release one player and sign your created player. Trade your created player for whomever desired. Then, go back to the create a player. Select the person you just traded. Make him very fat and change his position to wide receiver. He will not catch a pass, and if he does he will not run very far. Try to make the created players signing bonus low so that it is not a waste of money.

-Begin a franchise and make every team player-controlled. Before playing any games, go to "Roster", then to "Trade Player". You can trade any player desired to any team. Stack your favorite team with all of the best players. The CPU will not stop you from any trade based on salary cap or team interest. You can put up to 55 of the best players in the NFL on one team. Once your team is set, export the team for use in other game modes.

-To get an amazing team in franchise mode, start a new franchise and set the user amount to 32 users. Turn fantasy draft on. Then, start fantasy mode and draft your team as you would if you were drafting a team full of the best players in the NFL, but with different teams. Once you have drafted a few All-Stars and gone through two or three rounds picking, you should have the base for a perfect football team. You can simulate the rest of the draft and go on to =franchise mode. Then, go to the trade menu and you can get all your best players that you drafted by just trading with the so called "users". For example, get Peyton Manning for a player such as Chris Simms. Once you have selected a player from the team you want to play with, with a good player from another team, a screen will appear asking if you and the other "user" agree with the trade. Answer "Yes" and you will now have an All-Star in place of a bad player.

-To get a high draft picks easily, sign high rated free agents such as Joe Johnson (rated 86) then trade them to teams with poor standings before the draft deadline expires (if you have not disabled the deadline). The poor standing teams will usually take the players for their first round picks, and sometimes you can even get more than one draft pick from a team for the player. This will give you high draft picks without having to trade important players or draft picks of your own.

-To get a great team in franchise mode without a high salary cost, start a new franchise and pick a team. Do a fantasy draft and pick all the worst players. Then, release all of them and make your team from scratch, through create-a-player mode. Once done with the height, faces, etc., do not change the attributes. Save the player and sign him. Once you sign him, go back to create-a-player. Select his name and change all his attributes to maximum. Repeat this until you have a stacked team. The reason that all the worst players were selected is to keep you from having a high cap penalty during the next season. Note: This will take a few hours to complete.

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