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Mafia Cheats "Easier mission on "Ordinary Routine"" (PC)


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Easier mission on "Ordinary Routine"

  • Save some effort by shooting the tires on the getaway car before trying to enter the hotel. It is much easier than trying to shoot them while driving at the same time.

  • First, aim at the center bolt of a wheel on the yellow car and shoot a tire off, then go in the room labeled "WC". No one is in there. Get the Tommy gun from the bed. On the wall is health for Sam. Do not take it. Instead, wait outside the toilet and you will hear a flush. Kill the man who comes out of the toilet, then turn round and wait for men to reach the top of the stairs. Kill them all. Go down the stairs and kneel down, then kill everyone in the snooker room. Next, go back up and get the health. Get the Tommy gun from behind the counter, then go in the room with no door to find Sam. An intermission sequence will begin. Kill the fat man, Another intermission sequence will start, with a man attempting to get away with your money. However, he will not get in the car because of the missing tire missing. Shoot him with your Tommy to complete the mission.

  • At Clark's motel, use the following trick to make the chase section easier. Damage the yellow V16 by shooting the center of the wheel (not the tire) with about four to six bullets. That should be enough shots to make the wheel goes out of place. When the thief exits the motel, he will not get into the car because it is broken, allowing you to kill him easily. Note: Note: The following mission will be canceled.

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