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Mafia Cheats "Easy completion of "Visiting Rich People"" (PC)


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Easy completion of "Visiting Rich People"

Use the following trick to complete the burglary without firing a single shot. When you get in the villa with Salvatore, you will find yourself in the garden. Move forward and then get prone when you are hiding in the bushes with Salvatore. Note: Always remain prone while in the garden and use the bat for your kills. Give him an order to wait, then face forward again. Look to your left to find a guard and wait until he moves, then run behind him and kill him with your bat. Take the pump action shotgun from him. Search him and you will find a key. Return to Salvatore. There is a man standing is the garden shed. Get behind him and kill him with the bat. Take the shotgun. Exit the garden shed and move towards the villa. Go around the bushes (not the pool), then wait behind one of the bushes. Look towards the stairs until a man comes down. He will look towards your side then turn around. Run behind him and kill him. Take his shotgun and climb up the stairs. You will find yourself in the balcony. Open the door and hide behind one of the chairs until the maid enters the room and turns on the light. She will move towards the end of the room. Quickly run behind her and kill her with the bat. Turn off the light and close the door that the maid came from. On your right is a weight room. Go in and continue to the next room. Go right and you will find a round staircase. Go up and move forwards. Do not go to the right or left; just forward. You will reach an open door. You will find the office and the safe. Return to Salvatore and give him an order to follow you, then go to the office and to the safe using the same route. Open the safe. The game will save and the consular will arrive. After that, give Salvatore the order to wait. Close the office door on him, then go back the same way. Be careful; there are some guards on the balcony. Hide and wait in the weight room until they go away, then return to Salvatore and give him the order to follow you. Move to the balcony, making sure the coast is clear, then go out to the stairs. Be careful; there may be a guard in the garden. Wait until he moves away. When there is no guard, move quickly to the door you came from at the beginning then go out of the villa. Note: Try not to use the pump action shotgun because it will make too much noise. Also avoid going in the great hall because the guards will see you there. Try to close any unused doors and turn off every light in the villa. When the guards are in a dark place they will immediately leave it.

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