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Mafia Cheats "Free Lassiteer V16 roadster" (PC)


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Free Lassiteer V16 roadster

Go into free ride mode and choose City-Small and any car. Drive around in the "working quarters" (the industrial district) until you find a two story car park (garage) next to a building with a sign that reads "Lost Heaven Hardware Co.".Drive up the ramp to the second level. In the corner, there should be a large green car. Walk over and get in. It is unlocked and you don't need to know how to steal it in order to so. This car is fast and is very rare. You will receive money for driving it dangerously fast without crashing. If you do crash, it is very durable and will be able to withstand a lot of damage. If you have trouble finding it, it is the cement two level car-park in the work quarters next to a main road with trolley tracks running on it. This is also the main road that goes under the train tracks and runs past the grain silos.

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