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Mafia Cheats "Lassiter v16 Fordor in free ride mode glitch" (PC)


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Lassiter v16 Fordor in free ride mode glitch

To get the Lassiter v16 Fordor, you must have unlocked the first Lassiter you get (after the race). At the main menu, select "Free Ride", then the car menu. Click on the "L" of the Lassiter model. Notice that the Fordor model is selected, but it is faded. This is because when you open up a new menu the game selects the first thing on the selection. Instead of selecting "Done", press ENTER. Also, make sure not to hover the pointer over the "Done" button. It will be available in free ride mode. The Fordor model has more horsepower than the first Lassiter that you start with.

2 years ago

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