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Manhunt Cheats "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City easter eggs" (PC)


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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City easter eggs

-In the journalist's apartment, in the one room is a white and blue shopping bag with the words "Gash" written on the front of it. Gash is the same name of a department store in the North Point Mall in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

-During the Fueled By Hate level, go to the junkyard. The car crusher and its surroundings are the same from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's junkyard.

-During the View Of Innocence level, on the second floor in one of the shoot out locations, look for a little counter with the words "Tarbrush Café" and a little picture of a coffee cup. The Tarbrush Cafe is the location where Tommy and Lance had to destroy in the Cop Land mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

-In the introduction when the camera is moving, you will see a drug store called Ryton Aide. In Little Havana in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, there is a drug store named Ryton Aide shaped similarly.

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