Manhunt PC Cheats

Rating 5

Unlockable Mini-Games

Unlock the following mini-games by performing the corresponding tasks:

Hard as Nails mini-game - Successfully complete levels 1 through 5 five a three star or greater rank.
Brawl Game mini-game - Successfully complete levels 6 through 10 five a three star or greater rank.
Monkey See, Monkey Die! mini-game - Successfully complete levels 11 through 15 five a three star or greater rank.
Time 2 Die mini-game - Successfully complete levels 16 through 20 five a three star or greater rank.

Rating 3

The Rabbit strategy

When you get to the part when the rabbit says "Oh crap, he's after my key" and you must get to the tower with all the SWAT members, run straight through that part and into the tower. Go up until you can hide behind a wall and aim up to where their heads will appear when they come towards you. Wait and kill them, then go up the steps and you will reach a certain point to where the rabbit will be just above your head with a SWAT team member guarding him. Lean towards the left side of the wall and go up slowly. Go up just enough so that you can see the rabbit's head. It will require about five or six head shots to kill him. Shoot it in the head twice with a shotgun, or any other gun you desire. The SWAT guard will be alerted. Run down the steps a short distance and do the same thing as before -- wait for his head to appear and shoot. Repeat the process of going up and revealing just the rabbit's head and shoot. After he is dead, get the key and go out of the tower balcony. Do not get the sniper -- it is too risky and uses up the ammo that you earned. Run around at least two times then go back in the tower. Wait behind the top of the steps for the men. Aim down in the center so that when they walk up, you can easily kill them with one head shot. There are at least ten men. Then, leave the tower and go towards the gate.

Rating 2

Hidden shotgun on Doing Time level

After the sequence with Fug running along the prison cells screaming "Fug gonna finish this. Fug make you sorry!", kill him and the other hunter that comes downstairs. They go up the stairs. Once you are on the prison floor, turn left and you will see a room on the other side of the bars. In this room is a shotgun. The shotgun only appears when you bring Starkweather the head of the man whose body you are supposed to take to the guard room on the Mouth Of Madness level. This is the secret gift he leaves for you in the next location.

Rating 2

Sawed-off shotgun on Grounds For Assault level

There is a shotgun in the padlocked closet. After getting the crowbar, go back to where you killed the third Wardog in the level (by door with the rope that you have to cut with the machete). Use the crowbar on that padlock to get a sawed-off shotgun that you can use throughout the level.

Rating 1

Opening gates

During a level that requires a crowbar to open a gate, simply shoot the lock with a gun. You can now walk through the gate.

Rating 1

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City easter eggs

-In the journalist's apartment, in the one room is a white and blue shopping bag with the words "Gash" written on the front of it. Gash is the same name of a department store in the North Point Mall in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

-During the Fueled By Hate level, go to the junkyard. The car crusher and its surroundings are the same from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's junkyard.

-During the View Of Innocence level, on the second floor in one of the shoot out locations, look for a little counter with the words "Tarbrush Café" and a little picture of a coffee cup. The Tarbrush Cafe is the location where Tommy and Lance had to destroy in the Cop Land mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

-In the introduction when the camera is moving, you will see a drug store called Ryton Aide. In Little Havana in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, there is a drug store named Ryton Aide shaped similarly.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

The following codes have no effect until you complete both of the specified levels with at least a five star rank under the hardcore difficulty setting to unlock them. Each code has two parts, each of which are unlocked by a specific level (for example, at the end of level 1 and level 2 with at least a three star rank). When this is done, one half of a code will appear at the bottom of the image that is now unlocked in the "Bonus Features" menu. Once both halves (images) are unlocked, that specific code can now be activated in any level in the game. Then, , then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Fully Equipped (9, 10) - ugotarms
Helium Hunters (7, 8) - theyboom
Invisibility (17, 18) - evileyes
Monkey Skin (15, 16) - hellsuit
Piggsy Skin (19, 20) - piggsuit
Rabbit Skin (13, 14) - bunysuit
Regeneration (5, 6) - healback
Runner Mode (1, 2) - urunfast
Silence Mode (3, 4) - allrdeaf
Super Punch (11, 12) - uhithard

Rating 1

Live body on Kill The Rabbit level

Before the room where you must put the body on the plate to open the door, there is a morgue-like room with a body in a bodybag on a trolley. Walk past it a couple times and it will bolt upright and make a sound.

Rating 1

Grand Theft Auto 3 easter eggs

-Around the end of the game, the journalist on television doing a news report about Starkweather mentions Carcer City's police chief Gary Schaffer and his involvement with Starkweather. In Grand Theft Auto 3, on the Lips 106 radio station, a news report states "In nearby Carcer City, police chief Gary Schaffer's was cleared of corruption charges." It then continues to say "Let's hope those missing witnesses turn up soon."

-During the Drunk Driving level, when you get to the graveyard you can see a destroyed Stallion.

Rating 1

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas easter egg

Throughout the game you'll often see drink machines that have Sprunk Cola on them. This is the drink that is featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Rating 0

How to defeat Piggsy

To finish off Piggsy, after stabbing him three times go up the stairs and lure him onto the grate at the top level. The grate will bend the first time and he will run away. Lure him back upstairs and onto the grate for a second time and he will fall through. Make sure that you are also not on the grate or you will suffer a similar fate as Piggsy.

Rating 0

Early sawed-off shotgun on Born Again level:

After getting out of the execution room, you will soon find yourself in a basketball court where you have to defeat several gang members that are sent out after you. There is an opening in the fence around the court where you will see a posted sign reading "Vote Congressman Matthew R. Dione for Willington Mayor". Under the sign in the tall grass should be a sawed-off shotgun.

Rating 0

Easy five star rating in hardcore mode

Complete the game in Fetish mode, then enable the "God mode" code and play the game in hardcore mode. You will be invincible. Execute everyone. If you are seen, run into the shadows, execute him, then run through the level.

Rating 0

Bonus item on Mouth Of Madness level

In this level, you have to kill the smiley hunter on the tower and bring his body to the guard room. Kill the hunter on the tower and make sure to cut off his head. However, do not bring his body to the guard room (just his head). An intermission sequence will show you entering the guard room with only the head. Starkweather will say "For bringing this head I will leave you a little gift in the next location". Look around for the unknown item.