Maple Story PC Cheats

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Bypass censor

Press ALT + TAB to switch out of the game without exiting. Start Windows Notepad, then hold ALT and type 0610 on the KEYPAD. Highlight the square character that appears and press CTRL + C to copy it. Press ALT + TAB to switch back to Maple Story and go to the speech bar. Press CTRL + V after any word you enter and a space will appear. Then, type in a censored word and it will no longer be blocked.

Rating 3

Easy money hints

-Note: This is very risky but you can make about 20,000 Mesos in a hour. Make your way to the Ant Hill through the dungeon (going there from Henesy recommended). Then, once you are in Sleepywood, go east and there will be a portal. If you go in there and find a person not taking the money, take it from them. Note: This is very dangerous because there are high level Horny Mushrooms and Zombie Mushrooms.

-If you are level 35 or higher, hunt Sakura Cellions on Amoria: Purple Plains, which give about 232 to 348 Mesos per kill. They are level 33, have 1100 HP, and drop Cellion Tails, which are exchange quest items and sell for quite a bit. They also drop level 50 equips such as the Thief Red China Set (male), level 50 warrior helm that can be sold for quite a bit, if its over average on STR; and the Red Anakamoon Level 58 magician overall and cape for STR 100%. They do not do much damage. You can get more than 300,000 Mesos an hour by doing this. Note: Many people go there and might "kill steal" you.

-Make a new account in the same world as the person that you want to make rich. Get the new character to a good training ground. Kill things that drop good items and collect them. Go to the bank. Store all the expensive items at the bank. When your bank is full, take everything out and sell them.

Rating 3

Recommended Thief stats

Use the following stats for a Thief:

STR: As low as possible.
DEX: Twice your level.
INT: As low as possible.
LUK: Everything that did not go to DEX.

Rating 3

Entering Francis' cave

Go all the way to Cave of the Evil Eye III to find a Cave NPC. You will be asked for a password to enter. The password is "Francis is a genius Puppeteer!", including the exclamation mark.

Rating 3

Recommended Training Locations

The following is a list of levels and the recommended training locations:

Level 1 to 10 - Snails, Blue Snails, Red snails (all over Maple Island)
Level 10 to 18 - Slimes, Orange Mushrooms. (Slime Tree, Mushroom Garden)
Level 18 to 25 - Pigs, Ribbon pigs. (Pig Beach)
Level 25 to 30 - Party Quest. (Kerning City)
Level 30 to 35 - Ant tunnel
Level 35 to 40 - Wild boars, Fire boars. (Over the wall)
Level 40 to 45 - Jr. Grupin.(Orbis)
Level 45 to 50 - Copper Drakes
Level 50 to 55 - Stone Golems
Level 55 to 60 - Hectors
Level 60 to 62 - Dark Stone Golems
Level 62 to 70 - Yetis, Transformed Yetis, Dark Yetis, Dark Transformed Yetis
Level 70 - Zombies

Rating 2

Recommended Assassin and Bandit stats

As an Assassin or a Bandit, set your stats as following:

STR: 4 or 5
DEX: Does not matter, as long as STR and INT are at 4 or 5.
INT: 4 or 5
LUK: Does not matter, as long as STR and INT are at 4 or 5.

Note: A 4 in STR or INT and 5 in the stat you did not get a 4 is considered a good roll. A 4 in both STR and INT is considered a perfect roll.

Rating 2

Theme music still plays at Orbis Tower glitch

Log off at Orbis Tower (any floor), at Orbis, re-log into MapleStory. The theme music will continue to play when you return to Orbis Tower after logging in. Note: This will stop if you leave Orbis Tower.

Rating 1

Nella's Quest

While level 15 to 19 Warrior, go to Kerning City and do all of Nella's Quest. After you complete all of them, she will give you level 20 Warrior Gloves and Venom.

Rating 1

Easy experience for spellcasters

-Go to Ellinia and purchase some potions, then find and fight some slimes and snails (tree stump is not that effective). Fight until your life, mana, and potions run out. You should have enough money to buy more potions. Do so, restore yourself, and fight again.

-While levels 1 to 5, stay at the Maple camp. From levels 5 to-8, train on Snails and do missions. From 8 to 14 fight red Snails, Stumps and Slimes. From levels 14 to 20 fight Pigs, Ribbon Pigs, Orange Mushrooms, and Green Mushrooms. For faster levels, simply focus on Green Mushrooms. From levels 20 to 30 fight in Ant Tunnels 1 and 2 or do party quests in Kerning. For faster levels just focus on Ant Tunnels.

Rating 1

Quick log off

Press E and clock on "Pet Info", then double click pet HP to log off Maple Story easily.

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Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat:

Flip screen right side up - CTRL + ALT + UP
Flip screen upside down - CTRL + ALT + DOWN

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Recommended Magician stats

To be an excellent magician, your stats and skills should be as follows:

STR: As low as possible
DEX: As low as possible
INT: Everything that does not go into LUK
LUK: 3+ your level at levels x0, x2, x5, and x8
Skills: Max Bolt, Magic Armor, Magic Guard, Improving MP Recovery. Put every other SP into Magic Claw.

Have the following starting stats:

STR: 4
DEX: 6
INT: 7 or 8
LUK: 7 or 8
Note: Get your LUK to 15 by level 8, your DEX to 15 and your INT takes everything else. Having a high DEX lets you be more accurate. LUK lets you wield armor, and INT is for power.
For spells, use the following order to maximize and only focus on them:

Magic Claw (very important if you want to hit 200s by level 15 like warriors)
Improving Max MP
Mage Bolt
Magic Guard
Note: Put left overs to MP Recovery, Happy MS experience.

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Easy experience hints

-Inflict a decent amount of damage on a monster, then wait for someone else to kill it. When it dies, you will automatically get experience. While you are waiting, damage another monster.

-For easy experience until level 90, use this trick. Note: This method is not considered "training". To enjoy your Maple Story experience, it is recommended that you do not always use this method. This method is just for means of leveling up faster. Get max Three Snails, a beginner skill, and gather at least 1,000 Red Snail shells. Then, take the boat to Orbis, then the train to Ludibrium from there. Have a high leveled friend that can kill Vikings escort you to Warped Path of Time: IV. Stand in a location that is safe and have your friend lure Vikings there. You will not get hit if you selected a good location. Use Three Snails on the Vikings only once as he lures them to you. Your friend should then kill the Vikings after you have used Three Snails on them.. You will gain at least 900 experience with every Viking that you have snailed that your friend has killed, depending on your level. Note: This also works with Death Teddies, Master Death Teddies, and Grim Phantom Watches.

-Have a party of very high level warriors with Hyper Body with the Heal skill. If you use Heal you will get experience. Keep using Heal until the warrior's HP is full. Then, have them to right click the Hyper Body skill at the top right side. Repeat this as many times as desired.

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Recommended Swordsman stats

To be a formidable swordsman, your AP should be as follows:

STR: Everything that does not go to DEX
DEX: Twice your level
INT: As low as possible
LUK: As low as possible

Improving HP Recovery: Max out
Improving Hp Increase: Level 3
Endure: Max out
Iron Body: For Fighter: 1; Page/Spearman: None
Power Blast: Max out
Slash Blast: Max out

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Kerning party quest (Lakelis)

-If you find it hard to get into a Kerning party quest, here are a few tricks you can try:

1. CC (Change Channel) and try Channel 1. Most people think it is full and do not try. However most of the time it is empty.
2. Use the following trick when tracking a party in the same channel with other parties doing the same and competing to see who gets in first. There should be a command called "NPC Chat". Check to see which key it is assigned to by accessing the "Key Configuration". Get the party leader near Lakelis and hold the "NPC CHAT" key. The game will automatically and constantly click and unclick Lakelis until the PQ is empty. This trick works if you are in a rush to talk to any NPC.
3. When getting to the stage with cats or barrels, stop guessing combinations and approach it the logical way. Each platform or barrel is labeled in some way. This is a simple formula to try out all combinations.

-For example (cat level), get two party members on different platforms, and the third on any with a cat on it. If the combination is incorrect, only the third person should move and go to another platform other than ones he or she has been on previously. When this is all done, tell the third person to go back to the first platform they were on, and the second person to do the same thing as the third person did. If all these combinations are still incorrect, have the second person to go back to where they were in the first place, and have the first person to do what the second and third people did. If this is still wrong, then alternate the first and second person's "starting" platform. Keep doing this until you get the correct combination.

-For example (barrel level), have the three party members get on barrel 1-2-3 (top three ones). Have the person on barrel 3 move to barrel 4, then 5, then 6. Have them go back to barrel 3 and have the person on barrel 2 move to barrels 4, 5, and 6. If this does not work, have the people that were originally on barrels 2 and 3 go to barrels 4 and 5. The person on barrel 1 and barrel 4 will remain while the person on barrel 5 will goes to barrel 6. If this still does not work, have the party members in this position: barrels 1, 5, and 6. If still incorrect, have the original people that were on barrels 2 and 3 go back to their starting barrels, and the person on barrel 1 go to barrels 4, 5, and 6. If this still does not work, then continue guessing, because that should have covered all possible combinations.

-The list of combinations (possibly incomplete) is:


-4. After reaching the stage with ropes, it is usually one of these two combinations:

Top right, top left, bottom right
Top left, bottom left, bottom right
The party leader cannot be on these ropes. If it is not any of these combinations use logic as there are not too many different combinations.