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Maple Story Cheats "Recommended Magician stats" (PC)


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Recommended Magician stats

To be an excellent magician, your stats and skills should be as follows:

STR: As low as possible
DEX: As low as possible
INT: Everything that does not go into LUK
LUK: 3+ your level at levels x0, x2, x5, and x8
Skills: Max Bolt, Magic Armor, Magic Guard, Improving MP Recovery. Put every other SP into Magic Claw.

Have the following starting stats:

STR: 4
DEX: 6
INT: 7 or 8
LUK: 7 or 8
Note: Get your LUK to 15 by level 8, your DEX to 15 and your INT takes everything else. Having a high DEX lets you be more accurate. LUK lets you wield armor, and INT is for power.
For spells, use the following order to maximize and only focus on them:

Magic Claw (very important if you want to hit 200s by level 15 like warriors)
Improving Max MP
Mage Bolt
Magic Guard
Note: Put left overs to MP Recovery, Happy MS experience.

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