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Mass Effect Cheats "Finding all the elements" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Finding all the elements

The best way to find the elements, minerals, and anomalies on planets that you can explore is by driving along the edges of the operational area (the red area). Drive the Mako in a circle around the area to where you can hardly see the edge of the red line to find at least two elements/minerals on each planet that can be explored. There are rare things that will not show up on your map and you will also have to drive around like this to find them. There are a couple more items than you are required to find, but it is good to go ahead and get them if you need the experience points. Also, if you say the correct things to the Asari Consort, she will give you a trinket that allows you to activate a Prothean Orb found on Eletania, or the "monkey" planet, in the Hercules system. It contains the memories of a Cro-Magnon that was observed by the Protheans. The orb will show up as an anomaly on your map, in the lower left corner.

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