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Mass Effect Cheats ""Scholarship" achievement codec locations" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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"Scholarship" achievement codec locations

This achievement requires that you locate information on all primary Alien:

  • Council Races
Asari - Speak with Captain Anderson after the first meeting with the council.
Salarians - Speak with Captain Anderson after the first meeting with the council.
Turians - In the beginning of the game if you miss it, you can get it by speaking to people about Specters and Saran. Otherwise, it should appear after your first encounter with Ashley.

  • Extinct Races
Rachni - Speak with the VI Avina near the Consort Chambers/Krogran Statue about the Rachni wars.
Protheans - Speak with Captain Anderson and Nihlus on the Normandy at the beginning of the game in the Communications Room. This is your only chance in the game to get this codec. If you miss it, you will not be able to recover it later in the game.

  • Non-Council Races
Batarians - After you become a Spectre, speak with Captain Anderson about his Spectre activities at the Docking Bay.
Elcor - Speak with the diplomat Calyn in the embassy. He is located at the end of the hallway to the right of the Embassy Clerk next to Udina's office.
Geth - While on the mission Eden Prime you will receive this codec automatically.
Hanar - Speak with the Hanar Shopkeeper at the Emporium.
Keepers - Speak with the VI Avina in the northwest part of the Presidium. She is very close to the Preaching Hanar and C-Sec Turian whom are arguing.
Krogan - You get this automatically by entering Choras Den. A scene will play showing the Krogran Wrex.
Quarians - Speak with Garrus in the medical center after fighting the thugs.
Volus - Talk to the VI Avina closest to the Embassy Clerk. You will get this by asking the VI why the Volus were the first race to get an embassy.

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