Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX PC Cheats

Rating 4

Sprocket Stall

There is only one place where this can be done, and it is the only rail in the level. Go there and grind on it where your bike is completely crooked by the wheels are the opposite way of the rail. If done correctly, you should stall.

Rating 2

Easy win

During the level that you have to get medals, do a special trick. Then, end heat and you will get a in the 90s in points and an automatic win, if you do not wreck.

Rating 2

Secret Cover on Treatment Plant

Go down the ramp that you are on. When you see the two smaller ramps in front of you, do some light air tricks (No Footer and No Hander recommended to get speed). Turn right after the last small ramp then jump and grind on the left rail near the barrels. Grind it until you are at the top of the ramp, then jump and grind on that rail. Jump and either grind on the side of the building (which is tougher) or jump onto the building and go straight at the curving beam and the far right end of the building. Jump and grind on the beam until you get across it. Then, turn right and jump and plant on that beam. Grind on the beam until you get to the end and do a Back Flip to get the Secret Cover.

Rating 2

Secret Cover on London Underground

Bunny Hop on the rail and grind it toward the bonus points. Jump off the rail once you get to them and do a No Footer. Go straight and do some high air tricks, then do another high air trick on the next ramp. Next, turn right and jump on the rail. Jumping and grinding on the rail will get you straightened up for this next big jump. Do not jump off; just let it run out of rail. After that, jump upward onto the pipe near the roof. Just before it ends, jump off. Jump on the next pipe and you should get the Secret Cover if you grind on it for awhile.

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

Pause game play, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes while pressing SHIFT. Note: Enter the numbers on the Keypad:

Fat tires - S66S
Perfect balance - 4AWD
Add 8 minutes to run time - 4W62
Burnside level - 648W
School level - 648A
Warehouse level - 648D
Granny rider - 648S
Tony Hawk - 6488
Remove on-screen display - 4AW8
Special always full - AS86WA84
10X score multiplier - 466WSS
10X score divider - SSW664
Slow motion [NOTE 1] - 4862

NOTE 1: You will be able to do lots of spins and a mega bunny hop.

Note: If you changed the keyboard configuration, use the corresponding keys for that command.

W: Pedal
S: Brake
A: Left
D: Right
2: Bunnyhop
4: Air Trick
6: Spin Trick
8: Grind/Stall

Rating 2

Exorcist mode

Activate the "Big tires" code, then get over 10,000 point to have your rider's head spin on their shoulders.

Rating 1

Burnside level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Get all thirty covers and two gold medals with every character.

Rating 1


To easily unlock Granny, start game in career mode and select any level. Then, pause game play and go to retry. Do this ten times. On the final time a message stating that Granny is now available will appear.

Rating 1

View rider's ending sequence

With any rider , win any type of medal in both competition levels to view the corresponding FMV sequence.

Rating 1

Best bike

Win gold medals in both competition levels to unlock your rider's best bike.

Rating 1

Dirt track

Go to the half pipe where it goes to the small place right next to it. Go over that long pipe (over the whole track) and grind it to open the garage, revealing a dirt track on the other side.

Rating 1

Secret Cover on Hoffman Bike Factory

Go straight and do any high air trick, then go back up the ramp you came down from. Jump to your left into the pool-type area. Turn left and grind on the rail until after you hit the switch, then jump straight off the rail and turn left. Go out the back door, and do some Back Flips to build up speed. Then, on the back wall, do a Tail Whip (any trick works, but the Tail Whip is the best to build up speed). Turn to look up at the glass window. Do any trick on the three jumps (if you do Back Flips you will only hit two of the three ramps, which is better then hitting all three). On the last jump, do any trick then jump and grind on the pipe. The pipe is off the screen but near the roof, which is why you have to jump as soon as you hit the window. Grind on the pipe and stay on it pipe until you reach the end to get the Secret Cover for Hoffman's Bike Factory.

Rating 1

LA Harbor: Extra points

Turn around from your starting position and go into the first green half-pipe. To the right of the pipe will be the fence that the "R" is on. If you reach the part of the pipe nearest the fence you can trick on to it. Grind trick out to come out with about a fifth of the score. This also includes two gaps, but may not appear every time. Add specials into the mix to get up to 100,000 points.

Rating 0

Warehouse level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

-Score a 200,000 combo to unlock the Warehouse level. A message will confirm that the level has been unlocked.

-To easily unlock this level, make your own level with the level editor filled with 5,000 point gaps. 10x multipliers are not valid to get the level. Try to make a series of low sloping rails placed this way: \\\\\\\\. Make gaps of 5000 points between each until you run out of gaps. Ride parallel, this way: \\\ <-. Jump up and grind. You should skip on the tops of each one, getting massive points. Eventually you will start to slow down and grind backwards. If this happens and you do not already have the points, jump up to other rails until you get the points. If you get the points in a park editor test ride, it will not work. Make sure it is saved and that you do this in a single session.

Rating 0

Stretched arms

Unlock Granny and during the session, do an X-Up. Granny's arms will reach out far in front of her.

Rating 0

Construction Yard: Secret Cover

Go straight and jump off to the left. While in the air do any desired trick. Hold BACK + LEFT to turn around quickly. Go straight up the beam which is on the side of the hill. Jump off at the top. Go straight toward the gray ramp (make sure you do some non-high air tricks such as a No Hander, or No Footer). Jump, and while in the air, do a Back Flip. Make sure you plant on the far middle bar in order to slide toward the far outward beam. Then, grind toward the Secret Cover. This is the most difficult Secret Cover to get.

Rating 0

Secret Cover on New York City Park

Turn around, then turn right past the stand. Turn right again towards the tree. Do a Back Flip in between the two branches and quickly grab the branch that is sticking out. Grind on the branch until you see the Secret Cover, then jump and do a Tail Whip.

Rating 0

Neversoft Bails FMV sequence

As Tony Hawk, win any type of medal in both competition levels.

Rating 0

Secret Cover on LA Harbor California

Go down the ramp. On the first ramp you see, do a light air trick. After that, turn left and go towards the rail which leads upward. Turn right and jump over the parked car in the parking lot then turn left. You will see a small ramp in front of you that heads towards the building which resembles a house. Line yourself up on the ramp so your going towards the fireplace. Jump and do a Back Flip once you are in the air. At the top of the roof, do a Back Flip over the fireplace in order to get the Secret Cover.

Rating 0

Grandma FMV sequence

As Grandma, win any type of medal in both competition levels.

Rating 0

Tony Hawk (alternate)

To unlock Tony Hawk on an old girls bike, get all thirty covers and two gold medals in career mode with any character.