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Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX Cheats "Secret Cover on Hoffman Bike Factory" (PC)


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Secret Cover on Hoffman Bike Factory

Go straight and do any high air trick, then go back up the ramp you came down from. Jump to your left into the pool-type area. Turn left and grind on the rail until after you hit the switch, then jump straight off the rail and turn left. Go out the back door, and do some Back Flips to build up speed. Then, on the back wall, do a Tail Whip (any trick works, but the Tail Whip is the best to build up speed). Turn to look up at the glass window. Do any trick on the three jumps (if you do Back Flips you will only hit two of the three ramps, which is better then hitting all three). On the last jump, do any trick then jump and grind on the pipe. The pipe is off the screen but near the roof, which is why you have to jump as soon as you hit the window. Grind on the pipe and stay on it pipe until you reach the end to get the Secret Cover for Hoffman's Bike Factory.

2 years ago

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