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Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX Cheats "Secret Cover on Treatment Plant" (PC)


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Secret Cover on Treatment Plant

Go down the ramp that you are on. When you see the two smaller ramps in front of you, do some light air tricks (No Footer and No Hander recommended to get speed). Turn right after the last small ramp then jump and grind on the left rail near the barrels. Grind it until you are at the top of the ramp, then jump and grind on that rail. Jump and either grind on the side of the building (which is tougher) or jump onto the building and go straight at the curving beam and the far right end of the building. Jump and grind on the beam until you get across it. Then, turn right and jump and plant on that beam. Grind on the beam until you get to the end and do a Back Flip to get the Secret Cover.

2 years ago

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