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Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX Cheats "Warehouse level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" (PC)


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Warehouse level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

-Score a 200,000 combo to unlock the Warehouse level. A message will confirm that the level has been unlocked.

-To easily unlock this level, make your own level with the level editor filled with 5,000 point gaps. 10x multipliers are not valid to get the level. Try to make a series of low sloping rails placed this way: \\\\\\\\. Make gaps of 5000 points between each until you run out of gaps. Ride parallel, this way: \\\ <-. Jump up and grind. You should skip on the tops of each one, getting massive points. Eventually you will start to slow down and grind backwards. If this happens and you do not already have the points, jump up to other rails until you get the points. If you get the points in a park editor test ride, it will not work. Make sure it is saved and that you do this in a single session.

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