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Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne Cheats "Protecting Vinnie and maintaining 8 Painkillers on "Part 3, Chapter 4"" (PC)


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Protecting Vinnie and maintaining 8 Painkillers on "Part 3, Chapter 4"

When the level begins, Vinnie will hide behind a wall panel and wait for you to kill the three upcoming commandos. Make use of the Kalashinikhov and Bullet Time. Do a slow motion side dive, kill two commandos, and hide behind the panel. When the third approaches, kill him without using Bullet Time, but still make use of the Kalashinikhov. After that, follow Vinnie to the next room. There will be two windows from which commandos and Russians will pour out from. If you want to maintain 8 Painkillers, do not go out into the parking lot. Instead, wait behind the huge box which is between the two windows. When you see a Russian or commando coming through, use the Ingrams to take them out. Repeat this and you will find the parking lot is empty. However, do not think that the battle is over. Go to the window, but do not go out. Equip a MP5 or sniper. When you use the scope, you will find that the Russians will climb the walls and jump down. At the maximum, kill two Russians before they jump down and wait inside the room. Russians will come through both the windows at the same time. When you see the Russians heading to Vinnie's hiding place, throw two grenades in Slow Motion and immediately eliminate the Russians who are coming towards you in Slow Motion (use the Kalashinikhov). When Vinnie runs into the next room, there will be Russians hiding behind the big metal box. Take them out there, but do not waste the Bullet Time on them. After killing all of them, run and wait for Vinnie to tell you that there is an elevator in the next room. However, do not follow him there yet. First, eliminate the Russians who are coming, then follow him. By now you may have lost half your life so use the Painkillers. There are four more in the next room. Vinnie will run into the elevator. Once there you can make two choices. Either go into the elevator after throwing two grenades and using Bullet Time and the Ingrams while you are inside the elevator; or wait outisde, eliminate all the Russians, then call the elevator again. You are now in Vinnie's apartment. Admire it once, listen to "TA NA NA TA NA NA TA NAAA NA TANA NA NA" song, and go to the balcony. Use the MP5 and take out all the commandos in the compound. Then, Vinnie will jump down. Jump after him and watch as a black van with three commandos jump out. Use the Kalashinikhov and Bullet Time and follow Vinnie. Vinnie wiil be in open ground and be a perfect target for ten commandos. You now not only must protect Vinnie, but at the same time kill ten commandos. Use the MP5 and kill as many commandos as you can in Hardcore Bullet Time. As you kill them, more will jump out. Toss at least three grenades and make Hardcore use of the Ingrams, Kalashinikhov, M4 carbine (if available), and definitely use the grenades. After four or five tries, you will finally get through it. If you lose health, do not worry. It is easy from now on. Run into the next room. You will see Vinnie on top of a car. Run up the stairs and activate the button. Watch as the car moves up and Vinnie will run and hide behind a box as three or four commandos run in. Make more use of the Bullet Time and M4 Carbine. After that, follow Vinnie down and towards his van. More commandos will rush in. Use the grenades, Kalashikhov, and Bullet Time to end the level.

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