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Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne Cheats "Vlad strategies" (PC)


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Vlad strategies

-When starting the battle, equip your MP5 and enter the scope mode. Look above the Vlad's location to see four cylinder-like wooden pipes holding the sitting-place (the square-like place that Vlad is on). Shoot the wooden pipes and they will fall out of their places. Remember to evade Vlad's dynamite. As you shoot the final pipe, the sitting-place will fall down but Vlad is still out of your view. Look up again to see four more wooden pipes that are preventing a large pillar from falling down. Shoot the pipes out and the pillar will fall down, making Vlad move aside avoiding the pillar. After that Vlad, is in your view. Equip any desired weapon (M4 Carbine recommended) and finish him off. Note: Beware of Vlad's molotov burning bombs.

-When Vlad is on the platform, after he throw the cocktail and says "I haven't forgotten about you Max", look up above the platform. Then, go into Bullet Time and shoot the wooden poles. After that the platform falls but he is still hidden, look up again and shoot the wooden poles again. Do not forget to go into Bullet Time. After the big spike falls, go into Bullet Time again. Vlad will pop up and try to shoot you, leaving him open. Use the MP5 to get a more accurate shot.

-When fighting Vlad, he throws dynamite into the room. Go back in the room to find ammunition for the MP5 and M4.

-After Vlad is shot off the platform and is on top of the lookout throwing Molotovs at you, conserve your rounds. When you hear pauses from the cocktails, Vlad is going for his gun. Once he gets to edge of the lookout so that he can shoot you, shoot his upper body with the M4 Carbine. Using any other gun will take longer.

-When you reach the Vladimir Lem, you must shoot the stacks to make him reveal himself. He then starts throwing Molotov's at you. Do the stack shooting as fast as you can. If you use the MP5 with scope, it will be fast enough. Shoot the first three stacks, then use Bullet Time combo and shoot the other three. Move slightly, then shoot the last one. If you managed to do this, the floor will be only broken, and does not have holes. You can run around the structure that he is at, very close to the metal. When he throws the Molotov cocktails he will occasionally burn himself, and help with his own death.

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