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Max Payne Cheats "Fast level completion on Part 2: Chapter 2" (PC)


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Fast level completion on Part 2: Chapter 2

Enable "Cheat mode". When starting this chapter with all the cargo crates, there should be a man to your right, whistling. After killing him, turn around and go to the crate that is white and has two 6s in red on the side of it. Enable jump 10 code and fly to the top of it, then fly to get on to the walkway. Go all the way to the right where you will see three light poles. Enable the god code. Jump down, and you will see all the men that you would have had to fight, but they cannot see you. Go to the third light pole, where the section of fence is located. Enable the jump 10 code again. Go to the left and kill those men. Next, use the jump 10 code again and fly over the fence toward the trailer. Walk through the door on your left to complete the level.

2 years ago

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