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Max Payne Cheats "First Boss in the bar strategy" (PC)


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First Boss in the bar strategy

Enter the bar and, after the graphical comic, the coward will run to the back room and leave the fighting for the woman and the other goons. Forget about the woman for now, as her aim is terrible. You should have a Molotov cocktail. There will be about three henchman on the left side of the room. Throw the cocktail at them for three quick kills, then charge at the woman with either the dual Berettas or the Desert Eagle. Once she is dead, kill the coward using the dual Berettas. Do not use the shotgun, since you can only fire once per bullet time dive. Once you open the door, do a bullet time dive and fire at him rapidly. After Max completes his dive, do it again. Repeat this until he is dead.

2 years ago

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