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Max Payne Cheats "First nightmare" (PC)


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First nightmare

During the first nightmare that you enter from the girl that poisons you, you must weave through your house. You will eventually end up in a black room with red lines all over that you must walk on. When you are in the hall that leads to the red walkable lines, run all the way down the hall. Keep running when you reach the red lines. The line will turn right; do not follow it. Instead, when you get to that corner jump off at a 45 degree angle to the left. You should be floating through the black, but will see a red line that turns like the one you previously jumped from. Try landing on the corner where the line turns. If done correctly, you can take the turn to your left and follow it to the end of the black room, and back into a hall that looks like the one you just left. Keep going and you can finish the nightmare without having to find your way through the dark room with the red lines.

2 years ago

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