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Max Payne Cheats "Ride non-available trains" (PC)


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Ride non-available trains

Play the Roscoe Street Station level, where you will have to find Alex and talk to him about Jack Lipino and his men. When you exit the train and begin the level, wait for the next train to come to the station. When you see it approaching, press F5 to save. When it is near you, press SHIFT + W to use the Shootdodge and jump off the station platform and dive into the front of the train. The screen will turn red, indicating that you are dead, but it goes away. You are still alive, riding in front of the train. Be careful not to fall of the train, as it is very slippery. You will go deeper into the tunnel with the train, and it will disappear. You will fall off and land on the tracks. You will be stuck, but will not get hit as long as you stay as far of the tunnel as possible. The next train you see coming toward you will not hit you, but disappear. You will be stuck. If you get smacked by a train already you will return to the Roscoe Street Station Platform area.

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