MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat PC Cheats

Rating 2

X-ray imaging

Hold CTRL + ALT + SHIFT and type xray. Press W to disable this mode.

Rating 2

Ghost ammunition

Place your ammo in the arms of a mech in an online game. If your arms explode before that ammo is depleted, there's a 75% chance that that it will become unlimited "ghost ammo".

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes while holding CTRL + ALT + SHIFT:

Toggle invincibility - blorb
Toggle unlimited ammo - cia
Toggle heat tracking - coldmiser
Toggle mission time-limit - hangaround
Add Jumpjets - flygirl
Toggle unlimited Jumpjet power - mightymouse
Destroy targeted mech - gankem
Explode an atomic bomb - enolagay
Toggle bounding spheres - michelin
View MW2 Sim Programmer Dorcs web pages - dorcs
End mission successfully - icanthackit
End mission as a failure - idkfa
Toggles time expansion - zmak or antijolt
Time compression key enabled - meepmeep
Time compression key disabled - unmeepmeep
Toggles mini-front-view instead of mini-rear-view - front or tlofront
Display strange message - dei
Toggle Auto-grouping - flashyflashy
Toggle leading reticle [NOTE 1] - walkthisway
Display Dorcs screen - wediditagain

NOTE 1: This code forces enemies to follow the targeting crosshairs towards your mech.

Rating 1

Free-floating camera

Hold CTRL + ALT + SHIFT and type tinkerbell, then press the following keys to control the camera.

Press CTRL + LEFT ARROW to turn LEFT.
Press CTRL + UP ARROW to increase altitude.
Press CTRL + DOWN ARROW to decrease altitude.
Press Z to move forward.
Press SHIFT + Z to move backwards.
Press C to return to normal.

Rating 1


Hold CTRL + ALT + SHIFT and type one of the following codes for the corresponding message.

-Type lairdo for "ATTENTION ENEMIES: Don't mess with the blimp."
-Type shit or fuck for "Freebirth vulgarity will not be tolerated!"

Rating 1

Hidden Mechs

Select a Trials of Grievance instant action mission.

-Change your name to Calvin in the Star configuration screen (case sensitive) to add the Elemental between Dire Wolf and Fire Moth. Note: The game may crash if this Mech is used.
-Change your name to Hobbes (case sensitive) to add the Tarantula between Elemental and Fire Moth.
-Change your name to Enzo (case sensitive) to add the Battlemaster IIC between Tarantula and Fire Moth (latest version patch required).

Rating 1

Hidden background information

Choose the holo-projector to get a list of background information on the game. Click on the numbers to the left until a menu with information on the development team appears.

Rating 1

Recommended Mech

Select the 60 ton model and go to the customization screen, then strip away the large lasers and replace them with medium lasers. Go to the LRM-20s and increase the ammunition up to three tons each (eighteen shots total). When you attack, use a slow approach. Get a lock with 2x LRM20s, and hit them from far away. Almost all of the time they will go down in one salvo. An Atlas might require two salvos. With eighteen salvos at your disposal, you should be able to finish off every enemy in the mission without using the lasers.

Rating 1

Mission select

Enter FREEBIRTHTOAD as a Warrior name in any of the clan halls. Any mission for that Clan may be chosen in the briefing room.

Rating 0

Ghost weapons

Customize a mech so the weapons on-board in an online game to look like the following:

ER-Laser ER-Laser
Mgun LRM-5

The first LRM-5 will be duplicated between the second LRM-5, and take up no mass or critical. It will be invisible but do damage when fired and create heat. Note: You have to be in "chain fire" mode. The weapons can be changed, but the number of weapons must be uneven and the final weapon must be on the right side of your mech.

Rating 0

Hide in a building or mountain

To hide in a building or mountain, jump jet forward then shut down before you hit the wall. Note: You must continue holding the jump jet forward key after shutdown.

Rating 0

Stealth kills

If an enemy mech is on the other side of a wall, ram into the wall and zoom in. You can see and shoot through the wall. Note: This trick works with mountains and other walls that can not be destroyed.