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Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault Cheats "Secret objectives" (PC)


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Secret objectives

-In order to receive medals, you must accomplish secret objectives:

-Duringt he first mission at the second level, where you have to rescue the SAS agent, at the fort where the explosives are located there is a ladder leading to a walkway at the right side from the back of the parked truck. Go up and follow the walkway, and eliminate the Nazi soldiers on your way. In the end, you will find an American POW. Keep him alive until the end of the level to receive your medal.

-In the second mission, obtain the manifest at one of the ends of the U-boat you have to destroy.

-To receive the third medal, you must accomplish several objectives. At Omaha Beach, survive the beach with at least 80% of your life. In the Battle In The Bocage, keep all the paratroopers that you find along the way alive. Do the same thing in the next level.

-During mission four, there are two King Tiger tanks parked in the yard of the house. You must obtain explosives in order to complete this task. You can find explosives at the second level of one of the houses. Note: Search every room. When you have the explosives, blow up the Tiger tanks.

-To earn the medal for the fifth mission, keep every squad member you find alive in both levels, especially the tank crew.

-During the final mission (Fort Schmerzen), at the loading platform of the train which the level starts at, snipe all the Nazi soldiers with less than five assault team member casualties.

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