Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault PC Cheats

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Guadalcanal: Star Wars easter egg

While fighting through Henderson Airfield, there is a hut with a radio listening in on Allied planes in the air. Remain there, and you will hear a conservation between two pilots that is taken from Star Wars: A New Hope (Luke talking with Wedge just before the trench flight).

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Item names

Use the following item names with the spawn code:

Thompson with 30 round clip - weapons/us_thompson_30.hag
Thompson with 50 round drum - weapons/thompson.hag
Springfield sniper - weapons/springfield_m1903_sniper.hag
Springfield - weapons/us_springfield.hag
Shotgun - weapons/us_riot.hag
Garand - weapons/us_Garand.hag
Demo pack - weapons/us_demolitionpack.hag
Colt .45 - weapons/us_colt45.hag
Bar - weapons/us_bar.hag
Axe - weapons/us_axe.hag
.45 - weapons/us45.hag
Type 100 SMG - weapons/type100_smg.hag
Sword - weapons/sword.hag
Satchel charge - weapons/satchel_charge.hag
Reising - weapons/Reising.hag
Psychic manipulator [NOTE 1] - weapons/psyman.hag
Nambu - weapons/nambu_pistol.hag
Model 97 sniper - weapons/model97_sniper
Arisaka - weapons/m38_arisaka.hag
M2 grenade - weapons/m2frag_grenade.hag
M1 carbine - weapons/m1_carbine.hag
M96 LGM - weapons/jpn_model96lmg.hag
Japanese .44 - weapons/jpn_44.hag
Japanese grenade - weapons/jpnfrag_grenade.hag
Johnson LMG - weapons/Johnson.hag
Training grenade [NOTE 2] - weapons/training_grenade.hag
Portable mortar - statweapons/model99_mortar_carryable.hag
Portable Lewis gun - statweapons/uslewis_single_carryable.hag
Anti-Tank gun - statweapons/usboys55_carryable.hag

NOTE 1: The psychic manipulator is classified as an SMG. When you equip this weapon, instead of holding a gun or item you will simply see your outstretched hand. In reality, the psyman is not actually a weapon, but is a gravity gun that when pointed at an object while holding FIRE allows you to pick up the object and throw it around. Note: This weapon cannot actually hurt anyone.
NOTE 2: This grenade is pretty much useless, but it works as a smoke grenade (not that it effects the A.I.)

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Console mode

Start the game with the +set cheats 1 +set ui_console 1 +set developer 1 command line parameter. Press ~ to display the console window.

Note: Press RIGHTALT + ~ to display the console window if ~ alone does not make it appear.

God mode - dog
Spawn item - spawn
M1 Carbine and Thompson 50 Count Barrel with full ammo - wuss
Disable enemy AI - notarget
Full health - fullheal
No clipping - noclip
Level select - maplist
Toggle frame rate display - fps <0 or 1>

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Binding console commands

Bind console commands to keyboard keys by using the bind command in the console. For example, if you want to press V to spawn a sniper rifle (giving you ten bullets for each repeated press of that key), type bind v spawn weapons/springfield_m1903_sniper.hag at the console window.