Medieval: Total War - Viking Invasion PC Cheats

Rating 1

Debug mode

Start the game with the "medieval_tw.exe" -ian command. Then, activate the following cheats by pressing the corresponding keys:

CPU control of game - A
God mode; see all regions and units - G
AI - I
AI - H
Tour mode - S
Tour mode - F5
Display panels - CTRL + I

Rating 1

Max out Joan of Arc

Get Joan of Arc, play as the French, win a lot of territories, and often check you generals chart (the sword on the territories map). She will be ranked 7 and her Command, Piety, and Loyalty will be maxed out.

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

All your provinces get gold - .mefoundsomeau.
All your provinces get silver - .mefoundsomeag.
All your provinces get copper - .mefoundsomecu.
All your provinces get iron - .viagra.
Full map - .matteosartori.
1,000,000 Florins - .deadringer.
Fast construction - .worksundays.
All units and buildings unlocked - .badgerbunny.
Play as the rebels; cannot be undone - .conan.