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Steam achievements

Arsenal Own all weapons.
Barbecue Destroy 30 bots with the Flamer.
Beast Do a Multi-Kill.
Boot Camp Finish tutorial.
Call Security ! Destroy The Enforcer.
Collector Destroy an enemy of each type.
Entrepreneur Collect 5000 Coins.
Flawless Complete a mission without losing any health.
Full House Finish an online game with 4 players.
Had a Blast! Destroy 30 bots with the Grenade or Rocket Launcher.
Locked & Loaded Upgrade a weapon to the maximum level.
Loco Melee Kill a Fuel Bot.
Meltdown Master Get Level 3 Prestige.
Microwave Pickup 10 Nukes.
Mortar Kombat ! Destroy The Barrager.
Ohm my God ! Destroy The Electrocutioner.
Onliner Complete 10 online games.
Pumped Up Max out all skills.
Rage Reach 100% Critical Strike with the Fury skill.
Ranked Up Obtain a 3 star rank on a mission.
Shocking Destroy 30 bots with the Shocker.
Slice'em Up Destroy 30 bots with a melee weapon.
Sluggish Destroy 30 bots with the Shotgun.
Speedy Complete a mission in less than 2 minutes.
Teamwork Finish an online game.
Tech Wizard Collect 100 Chips.
The Prestige Get Level 1 Prestige.
Veteran Destroy 1000 bots.

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