Metal And Lace: The Battle Of The Robo Babes PC Cheats

Rating 1

Naked character

Choose "Lucky Winner" and click on the "C" in the word "Lucky".

Rating 1

Restore hit points

Press SHIFT + F11 + F12 during game play.

Rating 1

Easy money hints

-Collect all the money from the bar, including the amount from finding and selling the hidden Mech in the floor. After that, save the game, quit, and restart. All the money previously taken will re-appear again. Repeat this process to increase your total funds.

-When you see Jaimee (a Mecha woman) appear at the bar besides two men, click her beer mug. A message stating "I hate people putting this stuff on me!" will show up and you will get between 100 and 500.

Rating 0


Notice the posters mounted on the pole at the bar. Click on the posters in the following pattern: top, bottom, second from the top, second from the bottom, and continue until the center poster is clicked.