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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Cheats "Angry characters in Plant chapter" (PC)


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Angry characters in Plant chapter

  • While covering E.E. with the sniper rifle, shoot a lot of birds. They will contact you on the CODEC. The next time you try to save, Rose will get mad at you.

  • After getting the Coolant do not waste any time and go directly to CD connecting bridge. You will see Snake in a box and a guard who is knocked out. Take out your gun and shoot him as many times as possible, then get a box in strut E, equip it, and call Snake. He will then talk about loving your box.

  • Choose a ration and call Snake. Jack/Raiden will tell snake a secret about Rose.

  • Find Jennifer in the hostage room in Shell 1 Core. Note: She does not have a gag. Use your directional microphone two times to ask her. The second time she answers "Stop don't touch me!", because she was violated by guards.

  • Tranquilize Jennifer her and crawl under a table. Take out your camera, take a picture of her crotch, and save it. Call the Colonel and they will protest.

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