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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Cheats "Angry characters on Tanker chapter" (PC)


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Angry characters on Tanker chapter

  • Take three pictures of women, three pictures of the Marine Commandant, three pictures of Ocelot (in Hold 3; he can only be found if you crawled under the ground), and a picture of two lockers just before Simtex Defusal. Otacon will have some funny responses.

  • Call Otacon after looking at Olga.

  • Repeatedly press the remote about twelve times in Hold 2.

  • When you pass Simtex and hear "Virazano bridge check point passed", run until you see a guard and press against the right wall. When the guard stops, peek through the corner. The pipe will fall and the guard won't notice you. If you keep still, look at the radar to see a second guard coming. He will save you.

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