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Metal Gear Solid Cheats "Heliport items and weapons" (PC)


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Heliport items and weapons

To get three items and three weapons in the Heliport, do the following. You will start with the Scope and Cigarettes. To get the Rations at the Docks, kill a guard. When you start, go in the water and behind the barrel. Go up until you see the elevator and then go straight right. Go up until you find a wall (not very much) then go right until reaching a passage where you can go down. Go down, and then right. At the Heliport, kill a guard, then go right until you are in the snow. After that, go up. The Socom Pistol is in the cargo truck. The Chaff Grenades are in the searchlight area. The Stun Grenades can be found by going around the Searchlight area and then down until reaching a little room past the surveillance camera.

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