Metal Gear Solid PC Cheats

Rating 8

Stealth enemies in the cargo elevator hint

Rather than using your FAMAS, just snap their necks. By doing this, it is much faster and you will not lose as much health.

Rating 7

M1 Tank strategies

-With chaff grenade, get close and repeatedly toss grenades.

-Toss a chaff grenade on the ground, and when it explodes, run towards the tank and throw a grenade into the tank. If the grenade does not go into the tank, it will take a small amount of health off. However, if it did, it will instantly kill the guard. It is possible to defeat the tank with only two grenades.

Rating 7

Shoot SOCOM or Fa-Mas across rooms

You can accurately shoot your SOCOM or Fa-Mas across entire rooms. Equip either Night Vision Goggles or Thermal Goggles, then look at the targeted guard in first person view mode. The view will be broken up by a y-axis line and a x-axis line, forming crosshairs not unlike the those from the PSG-1. Line the intersection of the crosshairs on the guard's body, like you would if you were shooting the PSG-1. Release the first person view mode, the shoot the guard.

Rating 6

 Bosses strategy

When fighting a  transparent Boss such as Ninja or Mantis, use your Thermal Goggles to see his location and kill him faster.

Rating 6

Shoot tracer bullets from the Fa-Mas

Acquire the Bandana and the Fa-Mas. Shoot the Fa-Mas until you only have three bullets left. The bullet gauge will be in the red zone. At that point, equip the Bandana and fire. Snake should be shooting yellow tracer bullets that appear to be lasers.

Rating 6

Using boxes to save time

Equip a box in the various game areas to travel to the destination on the boxes and easily skip areas. The boxes are located as follows:

-In Tank Hangar level 1, on the top floor, in the room by the stairs.
In the Arms Storage building basement 1, in one of the rooms inside the main room on that floor.

-In one of the storage rooms in the courtyard where the second confrontation with Sniper Wolf took place.

To use the boxes (A, B, or C), jump in the back of one of the trucks located in each area and hide in the box. Eventually a soldier will notice and drive Snake to the destination labeled on the box:

-The Heliport
-The Arms Storage Building
-The Field (where Sniper Wolf was killed)

This trick can be used to save time traveling between buildings, and also keeps Snake from being in the cold for extended periods of time (preventing the sneezing and sniffles that alert the guards to his presence).

Rating 5

Technical demonstration mode

Complete the following modes in order "Training", "Time Trial", "Gun Shooting", "Survival". Note: Completing each mode will unlock the next mode in the sequence. "Technical demonstration" mode will now be unlocked. Use it to watch the CPU demonstrate its best time with the gun.

Rating 5

Exploding restroom

Get the Bandana and some C-4 explosives, then go to the bathrooms on the floor where Psycho Mantis is fought. Wait for a man to go to the restroom, then equip the Bandana, place a some of the C-4s on his back, then detonate. You can place the C-4 anywhere on their body.

Rating 5

Ocelot strategy

Use the M9 or SOCOM and shoot him in the head whenever possible. C4 can also be used.

Rating 5

Metal Gear-Rex strategies

-Use the Stinger missiles and run when it is about to attack.

-Go under Rex; he will not see you; if he does he going to attack you. Toss a chaff grenade anywhere. It is still going to stun for a few seconds. Stand behind Rex and fire a Stinger missile at the radar dome. REpeat this until the radar dome is destroyed. After the FMV sequence, keep firing stinger missiles at the cockpit until he dies.

-You do not need a lock-on to defeat Metal Gear Rex. You can also aim the Stinger at the radar dome (part 1), or the cockpit (part 2), and fire. This works especially well in part 2 by running between his legs and firing at the underside of the cockpit.

-Before he wakes up, go behind him and prepare to shoot. When he moves or turns, shoot him then toss a chaff grenade. Shoot him again until the chaff wears out. Immediately before it wears out, get behind him and kill him.

-Hide behind one of the parts sticking out on either side of the room, then just wait until Rex turns around and shoot him. Hide behind the part sticking out just before the missile hits him. This only works while shooting the round thing on his left arm. Keep doing this and you should be able to defeat him after some time.

Rating 5

Vulcan Raven strategies

-Use the Stinger when facing those opponents. It will track them even when out-of-sight. When facing Vulcan Raven, get in an outer corner and wait until he comes into sight. Fire, then run to another outer corner and repeat.

-Equip the Nikita (remote control missile launcher) and hide, then fire and use your radar to navigate the missile to Vulcan Raven. Note strategy: You must hit him quickly in the back. Due to his genetic engineering, he can sense the missile approaching, and will shoot it in mid air. It will take ten to fifteen hits to kill him, but this method is much safer.

-Another method of taking out Vulcan Raven is to place claymores around the board and simply letting him walk into them. Lure him to the places that the claymores were planted by allowing him to see and follow you.

-Another method is to enter the fight with the maximum number of C4. Plant a block at an intersection of crates and watch the radar. When you see Vulcan Raven walk at the point it was placed, detonate it to blow him up and take a chunk out of his life bar. Also, to reduce damage from him, go to where the Ninja with a Level 6 card was fought and grab the Bulletproof Vest. Bring it back and wear it. It reduces the damage by almost half.

-When facing Vulcan Raven the first time (in the tank), at the beginning use about three chaff grenades then run against the left wall. Keep going and watch out for mines. Run up to the tank and toss grenades on top of them or in the hole. Try getting as many as possible in the top hole so it takes his life down easier.

-You can slow down Vulcan Raven's tank when battling it by going near it (after throwing a chaff) and planting a C4 on its tracks.

-During the second fight, shoot Stinger or Nikita missiles at him. Note strategy: Watch out for his gun; he can shoot it well and can shoot down boxes. Some may have items fall off them.

-To avoid being caught or shot by Vulcan Raven, when you see him on the other side of your radar (opposite of you), lay down several claymores and run around (instead of using Nikitas to where you need to stop and risk getting caught). This may take longer, but he still loses a lot of health.

-Let your mines and C4 do the work for you; forget using the stinger. By using your Bandanna (if available), you can continue running or find a nice place to hide.

Rating 5

Gray Fox strategy

Instead of using weapons, punch him. When he starts to get tired and is "slow fighting", use your chaff grenade. Then use any desired weapon against him.

Rating 4

When to avoid boxes

If you have been spotted, avoid hiding in a box because the guard will think that you are inside it.

Rating 4

Opening certain doors without a key

Use the guards to open doors. Simply get them close enough to the door and they will open it.

Rating 4

Smoking support from Nastassia

Call her after hearing Naomi's long lecture about smoking. She will say thatsmoking is not so bad.

Rating 4

Heliport items and weapons

To get three items and three weapons in the Heliport, do the following. You will start with the Scope and Cigarettes. To get the Rations at the Docks, kill a guard. When you start, go in the water and behind the barrel. Go up until you see the elevator and then go straight right. Go up until you find a wall (not very much) then go right until reaching a passage where you can go down. Go down, and then right. At the Heliport, kill a guard, then go right until you are in the snow. After that, go up. The Socom Pistol is in the cargo truck. The Chaff Grenades are in the searchlight area. The Stun Grenades can be found by going around the Searchlight area and then down until reaching a little room past the surveillance camera.

Rating 4

Auto-aimed Fa-Mas

The shots that are fired when the "Shoot tracer bullets from the Fa-Mas" trick is used will automatically be aimed. This is mostly useful when Snake is jumped on elevators, or is being chased after being spotted.

Rating 4

Double claymore mines

Set a claymore mine, then walk over it to pick up two mines.

Rating 4

Get hit by Meryl

Prior to fighting Mantis, you will find yourself leading Meryl to the commander's room. On the way, punch, kick, and/or shoot Meryl. She will smack you, costing a small part of your energy. Avoiding her is easy. Shoot her from a far distance, then run. You will get away with it. Be careful because if you overdo it, you will kill her.

Rating 4

Camera tricks

After getting the digital camera, go back to where the DARPA chief (Decoy Octopus) died. If his body is still there, take a picture of it then save the game. Restart the PlayStation and select "Special" at the main menu. Select "Photos" and play around with the red, green, and blue. Eventually, you will reveal Decoy Octopus. This also works with Meryl. Take a picture of her just before you enter the room to fight Psycho Mantis, and immediately after she starts to act strange. Then use the same steps done to reveal Decoy Octopus and you will reveal Psycho Mantis, Meryl's possessor. Note: If the DARPA chief's (Decoy Octopus') body is not in the cell when you return with the camera, do not worry. Play through the game then begin a new game from the same save file. The camera will now already be in your inventory.

Rating 3

Easy camera use

Get the camera and the stealth suit to easily take photos. Wear the stealth suit, go near an enemy, then use the camera close-up in his face. He may see you, so use stealth again.

Rating 3

Red Grey Fox

Reach Grey Fox while dressed in the tuxedo.

Rating 3

Stats when fighting Liquid

When fighting hand to hand with Liquid at the end of the game, press CIRCLE on controller two to display the stats of the fight.

Rating 3

Diving off the dock

At the dock at the start of the game, get detected by the enemy and move towards the right side of the dock. When you reach the edge, Snake will dive off the dock and into the water. This is also shown in the FMV sequence.

Rating 3

Cold Medicine

In B1 of the nuclear warhead storage, go to the office (down) and to the left walkway. The second door down requires a Level 6 security card and has the cold medicine. Note: You only get a cold if you submit to Ocelot's torture.

Rating 3

Body Armor

On the Disc 1 after escaping through the cell by hiding under the bed after Otacon gives you some items, return to the room where you had to use the Nikita Missiles and the Gasmask. Use the Level 6 Card to search around to get the Body Armor and many other items. Watch out for surveillance cameras and search all the rooms that you have not visited yet.

Rating 3

Always see Psycho Mantis

You can see Psycho Mantis no matter where he goes if you use the thermal goggles. It can be found in the room in the Tank Hangar.

Rating 3

Finding Liquid Snake after the Hind fight

Head up to the right wall in the snowfield. Without Wolf seeing you, press against the wall. Snake will notice a parachute and then receive some calls. Call Master Miller; it's funny because he is Liquid.

Rating 3

The Enchantman, Rico, and Chau Marcus

-Keep calling her and selecting "Do Not Save". She will tell you not to call her for no reason, and also give you funny faces if you continue. Also, call her from the woman's bathroom.

-Follow Meryl into the bathroom but don't go into the stall. Call Mei Ling up on the Codec and she will yell at you for being in the women's bathroom and tell you that she will not allow you to save (however, she will allow you to do so).

Rating 3

Wolf strategy

Use the Pentazem and zoom out to find her, then assail her with head shots.

Rating 3

Revolver Ocelot strategies

-Use the shoot while running trick and follow him around the arena. Continue shooting him in the back until he is down.

-Use the M9 and hide behind a pillar, then go into first person view, peek out of the side (hold L1 or R1), and shoot one round at his head. Alternately, place C4 in one corner and run to the opposite one. Detonate it when he is near the bomb.

Rating 2

Annoy Otacon

-Shoot the Super Computers while battling Ninja in Otacon's lab.

-Shoot a wolf before you defeat Sniper Wolf for the first time, then call Otacon a few times.

Rating 2

Flying guard

Look for an area with plenty of space in front of you and a reasonable space behind you, such as under the stairs in the tank hangar. Face the door at the other end (the room with the SOCOM suppresser) and choke a guard until he is knocked out. Place a Claymore once he drops to the floor and run a short distance back. Take out your FA-MAS and point it at the guard (this is easier with Bandana) and fire, even if he is not up. When he gets up, he will fly across the screen so fast it is funny to see. To make it funnier, look at him in first person view or at the radar.

Rating 2

Getting upstairs in the first communications tower

-Equip the Bandanna and stun grenades prior to the soldier arriving. Run up the stairs and keep throwing grenades to keep them down.

-If you have the Bandana, equip your stun grenades. When climbing the stairs, keep throwing your stun grenades and pressing Left. Do not bother to open the door on the way up, as it is frozen shut.

Rating 2

Items in the blast furnace

While in the blast furnace, go into the room with the steam coming out of the walls. Look around on the floor for a hole, then crawl through it. There will be two surveillance cameras and what appears to be six lockers (front to back ). There should be two boxes that contain stinger missiles and a box of chaff grenades. Look behind the six lockers to find the body armor.

Rating 2

Attack teams strategy

Aim for the top of their head or their legs. These areas are unprotected by their shields and thus are their vulnerable points.

Rating 2

See how Liquid Snake escaped the Hind crash

Don't start the fight with Sniper Wolf the second time yet. Make your way to the left all the way when outside and you will see a ration and a wall. Put your back to it and you should see a parachute in the tree.

Rating 2

Naomi's smoking warning

Enter the inventory and start smoking a cigarette, then call Naomi to hear a long lecture on why bad smoking is bad.

Rating 2

Open Level 5 hangar door

After you defeat Revolver and the brief talk with the arms tech president, leave that area and return to the armory (B2 of Tank Hanger). Dial 140.15 on the codec to reach Meryl. By the time you return to the first floor of the tank hanger, she will have the level 5 hanger door open for you.

Rating 2

Raven strategy

Keep planting Claymores and C4. When you can, track him with the Nikita. Beware his range and never approach him from the front.

Rating 2

Guard killed by guards

When Otacon gives you the ketchup, escape without using it. Go anywhere outside where there are guards. Lay down in the snow and select the ketchup. Solid Snake will immediately spill the ketchup. Wait until a guard walks by and sees you. He will freak out and go for help. Hide somewhere where you can still see the ketchup stain. Eventually the guard return with some friends. He will show them the ketchup. One of them will get mad and shoot him.

Rating 2

Stealth gear and Bandana

To get both the Stealth Gear and Bandana, when you complete the game by not submitting to the torture, you will only get the bandana. Just submit to the torture to get both items.

Rating 1

Box tricks

-Hit Meryl and retreat into your box. She will say something and kick you while in the box.

-Enter your box when you know an enemy is coming without letting him see you do this or move while in the box. Some guards say, "Ah, Mr. Box" and will leave. Others will say, "Ah, Mr. Box" and will sit there for awhile before yelling "Get out of the way!" and kicking the box off of you.

Rating 1

Annoy Mei Ling

After completing the first scenario or at the time when the game can be saved, keep calling Mei Ling. After a while she will make funny faces and may even begin to fight.

Rating 1

Annoy Meryl

-Punch Meryl prior to fighting Psycho Mantis. She will chase and punch you.

-In the main hall on the floor where you fight Psycho Mantis on, go into a cardboard box and look at Meryl. The longer you look at her, the redder her face gets. She also will make some comments.

-After facing Psycho Mantis, equip your scope and zoom in on Meryl's chest. She will say "What, what is it?", "What are you staring at?", "Snake, don't look at me that way.", and "Come on, we don't have time for this."

-Look at Meryl with the scope or camera to annoy her.

-After going to all floors, go back through the ventilation shafts and back outside to the chopper area. Call Meryl and she will say that you don't know where you are going.

-Shoot Meryl with any weapon during the first battle with Sniper Wolf without leaving to get a sniper. You will get hilarous calls. The more you shoot her, the more funny calls you will get.

Rating 1

Destroy the gas electric floor

Take out your Nikita Launcher and shoot the missile directly across that room. Press Triangle (PlayStation version) after you shoot to guide it where needed. Take a right down the room and then a right around the corner across the room through that doorway (which appears to be difficult to get through), right in the room in the doorway, then left at the generator. Note: Watch out for shooting cameras. You can repeat this until you are successful. Go back and forth when air gets low out of the room.

Rating 1

Naomi Cambell easter egg

-You may have noticed that Naomi and Cambell are on the same frequency. Together, their names form that of Naomi Cambell, the runway model.

Rating 1

Alternate costumes

Complete the game, wait until the credits end, and save the game. Load the saved game file and play through the game again. After completing the game a second time, wait until the credits end, and save the game. Load the saved game and play through the game again. Snake will change into a tuxedo in the elevator during this game.

Rating 1

Use a box to return to the heliport

Once in the Tank Hanger, after going to the DARPA Chief, you will receive a level one keycard. Go into the Tank Hanger and climb up the stairs by the surveillance camera. There should be a door by the camera. Use the level one keycard to get inside, then find the cardboard box marked with "To Heliport". You can use the box in the missile hanger by getting into the back of the truck in back of the hanger. It will take you back to the heliport.

Rating 1

Codec numbers

Use all these frequencies to contact people in the Codec:

Roy Campbell and Doctor Naomi Hunter: 140.85 (to back up Snake)
Mei Ling: 140.96
Nastassia Romanenko: 141.52 (Nuclear specialist. Provides healthy information on using weapons)
Master Miller: 141.80 (Provides psychological information and advice. Reveals information on Naomi at the end of the game)
Otacon (Dr. Hal Emmerich): 141.12 (Provides advice on beating Metal Gear)
"Deepthroat": 140.48 (Unknown. Later revealed at the end of the game)

Rating 1


After crawling through the vent and enter the tank room, go past the elevator. Go up the stairs, take a left, and follow it all the way until you reach a door. Go through it and you will find a SOCOM in that room.

Rating 1

Thermal Goggles

After sneaking onto the cargo elevator, you will see a helicopter pad. Behind that is a truck. Get in the back of the truck and you will pick up a pistol. Go to the Tank Hangar, and you can get thermal goggles at the location that you would normally find a pistol.

Rating 1

Pantless Meryl

-When you find Meryl on patrol in the office, she runs to the women's bathroom. Follow Meryl into the Women's bathroom and reach the final stall in under five seconds. Meryl will be caught with her pants down during an FMV sequence.

-Look in the vent right before the DARPA chief (Decoy Octopus) to see Meryl doing sit-ups. Leave the vent and re-enter and she will be doing one-armed push-ups. Repeat and she will be doing leg stretches on the wall. Repeat one more time and she will be doing the leg stretches while pantless.

Rating 1

Annoy Vulcan Raven

Shoot the ravens outside of the second elevator, then move on to fight Vulcan. A second sequence about why the birds should not be killed will play.

Rating 1

Secret rooms in the Armory

Get some C-4 from a room in the Armory, then go to the wall on the left side of the elevator. Look for the different colored wall section, then put some C-4 down and blow it up. There should be some ammo inside. Do the same on the right side of the elevator, but watch out for the trap doors inside.

Rating 1

Get past the blast furnace

Go to the west wall to walk on the ledge by pressing UP/LEFT.

Rating 1

Extra time fighting Liquid Snake hand to hand

When facing liquid snake hand to hand on top of the destroyed Metal Gear Rex, the time limit is usually 2:30. However if you die once, skip the intermission sequence to get 3:00 as your time limit.

Rating 1

Ninja strategies

-Put away your weapon and punch him instead. He will jump away from you and put away his weapon. Throw more punches at him and he will turn invisible and hide. Toss a chaff grenade to stun him and then use your Fa-Mas/SOCOM to hurt him. Keep doing this until he is dead. Note strategy: He may take out his weapon again if you use yours. When his health is gone, a force field will surround him. Aim at him and shoot. You will have to do this three times.

-After the fight, when the Ninja is surrounded by the energy field,  you can use any desired weapon instead of finishing him off with three punches.

-After he loses his sword in Octacon's lab, toss chaff grenades. He will stop and you can run up to hit and kick him. You have to be quick because he will kneel down in about seven seconds and wait for it to clear. After you kick and hit him, he will also kneel down.

Rating 1

Hind-D strategy

Use Stinger missiles and fire whenever it locks on.

Rating 1


Complete the game without submitting to the torture. Your character will save Meryl and receive the Bandana. When equipped, the bandana will allow unlimited ammo on any weapon.

Rating 1

See Mei Ling in her underwear

When you crawl into the ventilator, go find Mei Ling's cell. Look down and go back out. Come back in and look down again. Repeat this ten times and she will be in her underwear.

Rating 1

Improved PSG-1 sniper rifle control

If you are out of Diazepam, switch to Snake's cigarettes in the item screen. Your aim will instantly steady, but your health will slowly deteriorate until there is almost nothing left. You will not die, but you will be incredibly vulnerable. Note: Switching away from the cigarettes will instantly cause your aim to shift again, unlike the longer-lasting effects of Diazepam.

Rating 1

Development team photos

Use a camera to take pictures at the corresponding locations:

Fujimura - Elevator in the Comm Tower B complex
Fukushima - Heliport; looking out to sea from cliff
Hirano - Elevator in Comm Tower B; deep in the shaft of top level
Ishiyama - Heliport top of building
Ito - Inside elevator to tank hangar
Jerem Blaustein - Sniper Wolf's corpse
Kaneda - The mirror located in the Women's restroom
Kimura - MG underground base; tip of Metal Gear 's railgun
Kinbara - Dark area of stairs
Kitao - Decoy Octopus (fake DARPA chief) corpse
Kobayashi - Rock in canyon
Kobayashi - Johnny Sasaki holding cell, near DARPA chief
Kojima - Otacon lab; the picture frame to the right
Korekado - Men's restroom
Kozyou - Behind the watertank-like structure in the Canyon
Kutome - Observation room
Makimura - Hidden armory store room; behind the weakened wall
Matsuhana - Hallway of corpses; outside Otacons lab
Mizutani - When fighting Metal Gear
Mori - Lowest point of elevator; Comm Tower B
Mukaide - Reflection in wolfdog cave puddle
Muraoka - Water in cargo dock
Nakamura - In Meryl's blood pool; where she is sniped
Negishi - Sewage waterfall
Nishimura - Next to Baker's corpse
Okajima - Maggots of the real DARPA Chef in cell
Onoda - Where Baker is tied up
Sasaki - Picture frames in the Commander's room
Sato - Comm Tower A; roof destroyed by Hind D missiles
Scott Dolph - Deep down in the dark from the walkway between Comm Towers A and B
Shigeno - Heliport,security caera by staircase
Shikama - Electric floor
Shimizu - Wolf dog cave; first crawling point
Shinkawa - Deep in Sniper Wolf's hallway behind the second pillar
Sonoyama - Torture machine
Takade - Ninja room; glass atedga
Tanaka - Heliport; sleeping soldier
Tougo - End of boiler room; in Blast Furnace with the steam
Toyota - Container in the middle of Raven's warehouse
Uehara - Edge of elevator; where the ravens are
Yamashita - Tip of nuke warhead in nuke storage room
Yoshimura - Dead end of air duct
Yoshioka - Bridge on the third floor of the blast furnace

Go to the south building on basement 1. When you exit the elevator, go to your left and enter the bathroom. You will see a soldier using the facilities. Take a picture of him from the left angle. When the picture is developed, you will see the director on the soldier.

Rating 1

Increase damage while fighting

During a fist fight, go in a flight of stairs. When Solid Snake does the last kick, your opponent will fall down the stairs will be knocked out for longer than normal.

Rating 1

Ninja strategy

Throw some Chaff Grenades then hit him with the FA-MAS. Towards the end, when he is crouching, roll into him.

Rating 1

MP5-SD weapon

Hold ALT + CTRL at the skill level menu. A MP5-SD will appear in a weapon slot. Note: You cannot get the Famas during game play if this weapon is present.

Rating 1

Master Miller missing in action

When fighting the Hind atop of the communications tower, call Master Miller. You will get no response.

Rating 1

Annoy Nastassia

Call her from the woman's bathroom to annoy her.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Start the game with the mgsi.exe -cheatenable command line, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Restore energy, only at certain points (God mode) - F2
Unlimited ammunition, only at certain points - F4
Return to normal view from observe mode - F5
Observe mode; camera can be moved throughout level - F6
Immediately restart level with all items already collected - F7
Toggle alternate graphics textures - F8
Toggle alternate graphics textures - F9
Toggle alternate graphics textures - F11
Toggle alternate graphics textures - F12
Spawn C4 - BACKSPACE + 7
Spawn Claymore - BACKSPACE + 6
Spawn Grenade - BACKSPACE + 3
Spawn Nikita - BACKSPACE + 4
Spawn PSG-1 - BACKSPACE + 0
Spawn Socom - BACKSPACE + 1
Spawn Stinger - BACKSPACE + 5
Spawn Stun/Chaff Grenade - BACKSPACE + 8 or 9

Rating 1

Fight Meryl without her losing health

When facing Meryl, run up to her and throw her instead of punching her. She will not lose health.

Rating 1

Guard on the toilet

While crawling in the air duct to save the DARPA Chief (Decoy Octopus), turn left on the first turn where the SOCOM bullets are found. Look through the first vent to see the guard of the cell on the toilet talking about Meryl.

Rating 1

Confusing guards

Equip the Stealth Gear and run through a guard. He will look in the direction you came from and say "Hmm. What was that?", with a question mark over his head. When he looks that way, get in front of him and take off the stealth gear. He will be alerted of your presence. When he has seen you, put the stealth gear back on right away, before he shoots. He will then be confused and start looking for you. You can do this as many times as needed. This also works with the search light area in the beginning of the game.

Rating 0


Reach area B2 of the tank hanger. At the end of the hallway, to the right of the door where you fight revolver, is a secret room that is entered after using C4 explosive. In the room are card 4 and card 6 doors. The camera is in the room behind the card 4 door. Use the camera to take pictures to see various extras, such as the faces of the development team.

Rating 0

Sick guard

When being held prisoner, keep watching the patrolling guard. After a short time, he will bolt for the bathroom and an FMV sequence will start. After it ends, lay down and crawl under the bed. The guard will cannot see you, and will enter the cell thinking you escaped. Crawl out (you might get shot once in doing this), use the ketchup to heal, and choke out the guard. You are now free and will find your equipment nearby. Note: Reveler Ocelot planned on you escaping, and put a bomb in your equipment. Search through your things, find it, and throw it away.

Rating 0

Faster and easier game

-When you first find Meryl and she runs into the elevator, avoid chasing after her. Instead, run into the door to the left of the elevator. You will only have to fight Raven in the cold room next to the furnace room and Sniper Wolf in the cleared snowy area.

-While in the first area, walk over to the sleeping guard. Flip him and crawl into the vent. You will see rats in the vent. Chase them and they will lead you directly to area 2.

Rating 0

Finding the pistol

When beginningthe level that has the search lights, go to the closest entrance for the search lights. Get ready when the search lights stop. When they begin moving again, enter the search light area, quickly go to the left, and get out of the search light area. After that, move straight and to see a truck with two cameras and guards. Go to the truck and get in the back. The pistol should be there. There should also be a box that may be used for hiding. Note: If enemies see your character entering the truck they will throw grenades.

Rating 0

Ninja rescue

-Keep going through Ocelot's torture after Otacon gives you food. Do not hide under the bed but wait until the guard is done vomiting. He will vomit five or six times. The ninja will now help break you out.

-While getting tortured by Ocelot and you do not submit, Johnny (the guard) will take you to the cell Although you get many chances to get out, do not. When Johnny brings yoy in for more torture, try to survive until he puts you back in the cell. Continue this process without escaping, and the ninja might be the one that breaks you out.

Rating 0

Psycho Mantis strategies

-Plug the controller into port two and press any button before fighting Psycho Mantis. The word "Hideo" will appear in the corner of a black screen. Use controller two to fight against Mantis to prevent him from knowing your moves. Alternatively, shoot the statues in the top corners with the fa-mas to render Psycho Mantis without his psychic abilities.

-Toss a stun grenade right when Psycho Mantis takes control of Meryl. When he starts attacking, pause game play and switch to controller two.

-With a Bandana, shoot in one large circle. If he throws chairs around, crouch on the ground so you will not be hit.

-If you have no way of seeing Psycho Mantis when fightingt him, run around. If the screen zooms in, he is nearby.

-To prevent Psycho Mantis from reading your mind, destroy the two statues on both sides of the room, toward the back. They are of Mantis' face. He hates to see himself.

Rating 0

Alternate ending and music

Complete the game with the Tuxedo costume.

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Master Miller talks to you instead of Ocelot

After entering the room where Metal Gear is stored, go up the ladders until you are on the very top. Look at Liquid talking to Ocelot. Then call Master Miller on the Codec. Even though he is talking to Ocelot, Master Miller will talk with you.

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Hiding from guards

-Places to crawl under include the two tanks in the tank hangar, desks in various rooms, shipping trucks, and a little hole in the canyon. Crawling will prevent the guard from finding you but do not allow the guard see you crawl under something or they will throw grenades at you.

-When in the jail cell while the guard is on patrol, hide under the bed. The guard will say, "What the hell are you doing?"

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Using weapons in the nuclear warhead storage room

You cannot use weapons in the nuclear warhead storage room but they can be used from the outside. Use the PSG-1 to sniper the guards from under the door before you go back inside.

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Avoid DARPA Chief rescue

While inside the building and you reach the elevator, go to the second basement floor first and fight Ocelot. You will not have to rescue the DARPA Chief or fight the guards with Meryl.

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Melting guards

Equip the "stealth" item when you start disc two, then go to the cat walk over the liquid metal. Get in between the guard and the railing and use the "flip" technique to throw the guard over the railing into the metal.

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Stealth gear

Complete the game under the easy difficulty level after submitting during the torture. Otacon will give your character the stealth gear after being saved. After the credits, save the game. Load the saved game to begin with the stealth gear.

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Find Gray Fox in the lab

Gray Fox in the Lab while he is using his stealth camouflage by using the thermal goggles. It is located in the room in the Tank Hangar.

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Annoy Naomi or the Chief

Shoot the rats or birds to have Naomi or the Chief call and reprimand you.

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Annoy Ninja

When fighting the Ninja in the computer room, toss chaff grenades. The Ninja will insult you for using weapons.

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Kill less guards

After the DARPA chief dies, Meryl will open the cell door. After the FMV sequence three will appear guards. Shoot them and Snake will tell Meryl to shoot. She will kill the next set of guards. Simply keep running around and Meryl will kill all the guards. This is helpful if you want to get a higher ranking at the end of the game.

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PlayStation easter eggs

-Go to one of the lab tables after defeating the Cyber Ninja inside the Otacon's lab, and the FMV sequence. A PlayStation and controller are near the televisions and computers.

-Look on the center desk in Dr. Emmerich's lab to find a gold Playstation.

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Items through Level 6 Card

When you obtain the Level 6 Card, head towards the Comms. Tower (directly next to the caves) as you are supposed to. However, when you are on B1, go to the room just in front of the elevator. Use the Level 6 Card to get extra items. You can also use it in the Armory.

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Extra rations

-Before facing Sniper Wolf the second time, over the right side of the wall is a ration. Then go out to the blizzard. When the battle begins there will be another ration at that same location.

-When the game starts, Snake has to go under something to get to the elevator. Instead of doing so, go down the stairs, back into the water. There will be a platform with a crate. There is a ration behind the crate.

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Low blow attack

While using the Stealth Camouflage, crouch down and plant a C-4 on a guard's crotch. Detonate and the guard will say shout and hold himself.

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Sniper Wolf strategies

To kill Sniper Wolf easily in the Snow Field area, use the stinger missiles. They not only reveal her location, but also home in and deliver a lot of damage. It will take about six stinger missiles to kill her, and you will probably never get hit.

-Although it is easier to kill Sniper Wolf with the stinger, it is fun to kill her with the Nikita remote controlled missiles.

-During your second encounter with Sniper Wolf, hide behind the ride that was on the far right as you came out the door . Fire a Nikita missile at her. You have to take the missile up a gentle slope or it will hit the ground and explode.

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Thawed rations

-If your rations are frozen, walk up to the hand dryer in the bathrooms to thaw. Avoid letting the guard hear you. If you can, shoot him with a SOCOM (supressor is required) to earn a ration.

-Another way to thaw frozen rations are to equip them.

-Another way is to take a trip to the blast furnace.

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Annoy Cambell

Snipe the rats above where you first face Wolf or snipe the ravens when at your second encounter with Raven.

Rating 0

Killing without any weapons

Go on a balcony or another high location and start punching an opponent, but keep him close to the edge so that he can fall when Solid Snake does his last kick. He should fall off the balcony, and instead of getting knocked out, he will die.