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Metal Gear Solid Cheats "Psycho Mantis strategies" (PC)


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Psycho Mantis strategies

-Plug the controller into port two and press any button before fighting Psycho Mantis. The word "Hideo" will appear in the corner of a black screen. Use controller two to fight against Mantis to prevent him from knowing your moves. Alternatively, shoot the statues in the top corners with the fa-mas to render Psycho Mantis without his psychic abilities.

-Toss a stun grenade right when Psycho Mantis takes control of Meryl. When he starts attacking, pause game play and switch to controller two.

-With a Bandana, shoot in one large circle. If he throws chairs around, crouch on the ground so you will not be hit.

-If you have no way of seeing Psycho Mantis when fightingt him, run around. If the screen zooms in, he is nearby.

-To prevent Psycho Mantis from reading your mind, destroy the two statues on both sides of the room, toward the back. They are of Mantis' face. He hates to see himself.

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