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Metal Gear Solid Cheats "Vulcan Raven strategies" (PC)


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Vulcan Raven strategies

-Use the Stinger when facing those opponents. It will track them even when out-of-sight. When facing Vulcan Raven, get in an outer corner and wait until he comes into sight. Fire, then run to another outer corner and repeat.

-Equip the Nikita (remote control missile launcher) and hide, then fire and use your radar to navigate the missile to Vulcan Raven. Note strategy: You must hit him quickly in the back. Due to his genetic engineering, he can sense the missile approaching, and will shoot it in mid air. It will take ten to fifteen hits to kill him, but this method is much safer.

-Another method of taking out Vulcan Raven is to place claymores around the board and simply letting him walk into them. Lure him to the places that the claymores were planted by allowing him to see and follow you.

-Another method is to enter the fight with the maximum number of C4. Plant a block at an intersection of crates and watch the radar. When you see Vulcan Raven walk at the point it was placed, detonate it to blow him up and take a chunk out of his life bar. Also, to reduce damage from him, go to where the Ninja with a Level 6 card was fought and grab the Bulletproof Vest. Bring it back and wear it. It reduces the damage by almost half.

-When facing Vulcan Raven the first time (in the tank), at the beginning use about three chaff grenades then run against the left wall. Keep going and watch out for mines. Run up to the tank and toss grenades on top of them or in the hole. Try getting as many as possible in the top hole so it takes his life down easier.

-You can slow down Vulcan Raven's tank when battling it by going near it (after throwing a chaff) and planting a C4 on its tracks.

-During the second fight, shoot Stinger or Nikita missiles at him. Note strategy: Watch out for his gun; he can shoot it well and can shoot down boxes. Some may have items fall off them.

-To avoid being caught or shot by Vulcan Raven, when you see him on the other side of your radar (opposite of you), lay down several claymores and run around (instead of using Nikitas to where you need to stop and risk getting caught). This may take longer, but he still loses a lot of health.

-Let your mines and C4 do the work for you; forget using the stinger. By using your Bandanna (if available), you can continue running or find a nice place to hide.

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