Miasmata PC Cheats

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Steam achievements

An Apple Assault - Hit the creature with an apple
Botanical Bad A** - Collect 32 unique plant/fungi
Crazy Climber - Go to the island's highest point
I told you to wait 30 minutes - Die from drowning
In 3 days? Yeah right! - Beat the game in 3 days or less
In under a week? Can't be done! - Beat the game in 7 days or less
It may be time for an intervention - Use every medicine
Just doing some light reading? - Collect every note
Pyro - Light every urn on the island
The Banana Bammer - Hit the creature with a banana
The Bored Cartographer - Map the entire mainland coastline
The Ol' Citrus Changeup - Hit the creature with an orange
The ol' Tin Can TKO - Hit the creature with a tin can