Microsoft Baseball 2001 PC Cheats

Rating 3

View programmer baseball cards

Press S to have the batter spit. Repeatedly press that key until the programmer baseball cards appear.

Rating 2

Unlimited outs

Hold CTRL + R to toggle outs being counted by the game.

Rating 1

Super curveball

While using Ramon Martinez of the Boston Red Sox as a pitcher in league play, press S to throw a 107 mph curveball, even though it is not one of his listed pitches.

Rating 0

Easy cash points

Go to "Team" and "Trade", then try trading nothing for all of their cash points. If they decline, you are in luck. Double click on an AAA player, or a very bad non-popular player with a low salary (for example, Jason Phillips of the Pirates). When his card is on the screen, go to "Modify". After that, make the player's salary 201 points. You can now trade any player for nothing, or you can trade their points for nothing. You can trade their points as many times as desired until you log off trade. Then, they do not have money. Note: This does not always work with players with big contracts.