Microsoft Flight Simulator X PC Cheats

Rating 3

Easy glider take off

To order a tow plane press CTRL + SHIFT + Y.

Rating 2

Easier taxis, takeoff, and landing

Press Y key and use a directional key (or Joystick) to move forward, backward and side to side, and the throttle to go up or down.

Rating 1

Improved framerate

Instead of setting a low framerate to save resources, set it to unlimited. Your computer will display as many frames per second as it can, while allowing you to increase the graphics somewhat considerably. This is most noticeable on slower computers.

Rating 0

AGS for default aircraft

Press SHIFT + E and release it very fast, then press 2, 3, 4 and secondary exits and cargo hatches will open and close. Depending on the aircraft, you may also press SHIFT + D or SHIFT + C for special effects.