Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials PC Cheats

Rating 1

Steam achievements

Beady Eyes - Unlock Unlimited Hidden Object Mode.
Black Hole - Complete each hidden object scene in Story Mode without using the lantern.
Down the Rabbit Hole - Complete the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Easter egg scene.
Golden Geek - Solve all the puzzles in Story Mode.
HOG Baron - Find every object in all Unlimited Hidden Object Mode scenes.
HOG Wild - Complete a Hidden Object scene in less than a minute.
Irish Rover - Collect every clover in Story Mode.
Master Storyteller - Complete Story Mode.
No Place Like Home - Complete the Wonderful Wizard of Oz Easter egg scene.
Ornithologist - Collect all the ravens in Story Mode.
Perfect - Complete Story Mode without using any hints.
Sacred Treasure Hunter - Find every Silver Dollar in the Silver Dollar Hunt.
Scaredy Cat - Complete Story Mode with no Black Cat appearances.