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Midtown Madness 2 Cheats "Jump on and over buildings" (PC)


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Jump on and over buildings

Use a fast car such as the Panoz Roadster, Panoz Gtr-1, or Ford Mustang. Go to the part on the map where there is a white squiggly road. Your car should be facing down that hill. Go straight down the hill in front of you and stop once you reach the grass. If you went the correct way, turn around so that you are facing the hill that you came down. Next, back-up through the yellow "signs" slightly, then drive very fast up that hill in the middle. When halfway to the top, go slightly to the right. If you are fast enough, you will fly above some buildings and will land at the next road. If done slightly slower, you will get above them. Release the accelerator and hold SPACE. You should land on top. Note: This may require several attempts.

2 years ago

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