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Mob Rule Cheats "Rangoon Rumpus" (PC)


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Rangoon Rumpus

To complete the last mission of Rangoon Rumpus, get your gangsters to do the following things. First, find and kill Limp Lenny. He will be easy to find, as he will be wearing team colors and a big hat, then destroy the most valuable houses. Start off with the ones who are breeding (look for the baby icon above the house). Then, destroy the Steel factory. Kill gangsters, fixers and workers whenever possible, and make sure you destroy any replacement houses that the enemy builds. Next, destroy the Gadget factory and Brick factory. Kill as many of the enemy's men as possible. Finally, destroy the Cement factory, Soup Kitchens, and Drinking Dens. This should give you a chance to kill everyone on the other team. When everyone is dead, destroy the HQ. This will get you to the end of one of the toughest missions in the entire game.

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