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Mount & Blade: Warband Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)


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Cheat Codes

Select "Configure" at the launcher and click the "Game" tab. Place a check in the box for "Enable Cheats" and click the "OK" button. Then, activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:
AI takes over you character in battles CTRL+F5
Activate Cheat Menu (allows for a multitude of cheats including adding items and improving relations[also some debug features]) CTRL + ~ (then type in 'cheatmenu' no '')
Completely heals you CTRL+H
Completely heals your horse CTRL+SHIFT+H
Damage yourself CTRL+F3
Deactivate Cheat Menu CTRL + ~ (then type in 'nocheatmenu' no '')
Fast Forward waiting at map CTRL + SPACE
Gives experience to the selected party member CTRL+X
Gives you 1000 XP in the character screen CTRL+X
Greatly increases all of your weapon proficiencies CTRL+W
In the inventory it gives you 1000 Gold CTRL+X
Knock unconscious all enemy troops CTRL+ALT+F4
Knocks out all enemies zoomed into. (Holding SHIFT and looking at) CTRL+SHIFT+F4
Knocks out all of your troops CTRL+SHIFT+F6
Knocks out one of your troops CTRL+F6
Knocks unconcious an enemy after a number of presses CTRL+F4
Let's you see everything except hideouts on the World Map CTRL+T
Level Up SHIFT + L
On the World Map, teleports your party to where you click CTRL+LEFT Click
Slow Motion (Press again to turn on or off) CTRL + F9
Stop the time at battle CTRL + F11
Upgrade all available units to that path. CTRL + LEFT Click

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